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Shed Uses - 45 Unique Ways to Use a Shed

Updated: Jul 3, 2023


Lots of people have one in the backyard, but sheds are used for a myriad of things, rather than the more traditional purpose which is storage.

You can find sheds in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles, but most commonly, they tend to be small wooden storage sheds that resemble a barn. Some of them are just a simple lean-to.

But what if you haven’t got a ride-on mower, gardening tools, outdoor furniture, bicycles, and various other things you need to store? Surely you don’t need a storage shed? Believe it or not, there are many ways to use a shed. You can use a shed for a whole host of things, from just a backyard shed or a potting shed to an art studio, pool house, man cave, or home office.

What Can a Shed be Used For?

There are many ways to use a shed. If you know you want a shed but aren’t quite sure what to use it for, let’s share some suggestions.

Storage Shed

Using your shed for storage is one of the most obvious ways to use a backyard shed. You can use it for storing all kinds of things, freeing up space in your garage or home at the same time. While it might not be as secure as a brick-built garage or a room in your home, you can put a lock on the shed door to deter any thieves. However, most important of all is that a shed can protect things from the weather.

Garden Tools Storage Shed

A garden tool storage shed is just what you need for your garden equipment and tools. Include shelving, hooks, and various types of containers to increase the garden shed’s versatility.

  • Protection from the elements

  • Keeps your tools near and handy

  • Safe from any unwelcome attention

Bicycle & Motorcycle Storage Shed

A garden shed is the perfect storage shed if you want to keep your bikes (pedal and motorized) safe from thieves or prying eyes. In addition, a garden shed will provide some protection from the elements.

  • Choose a bike shed that is the perfect size for your wheeled equipment

  • Extra security measures may be necessary

  • Free up space in your garage

Lawnmower Storage Shed

You can keep your lawnmower close to where you need it, safe and secure in a lawn mower storage shed.

  • Double doors are an option if you’ve got a ride-on mower

  • You’ll have space for all your other garden tools and equipment

  • Safe, secure, and weatherproof storage option

Lean-to Shed

You might only need a tiny amount of space and a lean-to shed is an answer.

  • Can fit in the smallest of gardens

  • No planning permission required

  • A place for storing your trash cans out of sight

Firewood Storage Shed

Firewood Storage Shed

You won’t get to enjoy a roaring fire if your firewood is soggy. Keep your wood dry in a garden shed built for the purpose.

  • Sit it on footings to keep the logs off the damp ground

  • It should be open on one side as this will allow the air to circulate and dry the wood

  • Choose a shed with a sloped roof to ensure the best drainage of snow and rain

Safe Storage for Chemicals & Other Dangerous Items

If you’ve got young children or pets there might be things you need to keep out of their reach. Garden sheds can be made very secure.

  • A metal shed is fireproof

  • Easy to make secure

  • Provides protection from the weather

Canoe Storage Shed

When you get home from your canoeing trip you’ve got a soaked and muddy canoe to deal with. With a storage shed you can make sure your kayak, boat or canoe is already ready for your next adventure.

  • Your boating equipment will always be ready

  • Your canoe stays dry and clean

Garage Come Workshop Shed

If you need more room to work on your cars consider a double garage. Use the whole space or park your car on one side while you work and store your tools on the other.

  • Double doors for easy access

  • Room to move your projects around

Meeting Shed

If you’re looking for a hangout spot why not have one in your own backyard? Decorate it according to your own taste and simply invite people around.

  • You can make it comfortable and cozy

  • Fabulous place to enjoy some chill time

  • You have the option of renting it out if you want a passive income

Kids Playhouse

Kids can get a little noisy when they’re playing in the house, but a shed in the backyard will get them out from under your feet.

  • Let your imagination run wild and create a castle, den, or even a train or boat

  • Keeps all your kid's toys in one place

  • Your kids get to enjoy some fresh air

Home Office

More and more people have the option of working from home nowadays, but not everyone has the space in their home. You don’t need to worry if this is the case because you can quickly and easily transform storage sheds into an office shed. If you want to add some customization, consider adding solar power, solar lighting, and perhaps a portable heater to keep you warm in the winter.

  • The perfect option when you want to work from home but don’t have the space indoors

  • Provides a quiet place with no distractions

  • You can use it all year round

Workshop place

You can use storage sheds for all kinds of workshop projects, saving the surfaces in your home from damage. Your shed can be a tranquil spot where you can let your creative juices flow. Use your shed for the following, and much more:

  • a place to store cleaning tools

  • Filing wood

  • Lathing metal

Woodworking Shop

If you need an efficient space for your next woodworking project you can easily revamp a garden storage shed.

  • More than enough room for storing all your woodworking equipment

  • You won’t waste time looking for things when you need them

  • No need to travel anywhere

Hobbyist workspace

Whatever your hobby, it likely takes up a lot of space, probably in your home. With a simple garden shed, you’ve got the perfect space you can transform into whatever you want. Design a shed that’s the perfect fit for your hobby.

  • A space for hobbies that’s so much more than just four walls

  • Decorate the interior to match your style and taste

  • Include cabinets, shelves, hooks, and various colorful containers

  • Wall space for displaying your work

Recording Studio

Insulate and finish it correctly on the inside and you can create the perfect recording studio.

  • No rental fees to pay for a recording studio

  • It’s possible to create the perfect acoustics

  • You can make your recording studio just how you want it

Art Studio

With a shed, you can take advantage of natural light and turn it into an art studio. In the backyard, you can enjoy some peace and quiet so you can concentrate on your next creative venture.

  • Move your clutter from your home

  • A peaceful environment that encourages creativity

  • Wall space for displaying your artwork

High Tech Design Studio

You can include all the technical equipment you need in a garden shed. A place to be creative and be comfortable doing it.

  • Customize the shed according to your needs

  • Add a second story for extra space

  • It can complement your backyard

Writing Studio

You can let your creativity flow when you’re in the right space. You can create the perfect environment for those times when you need to focus.

  • You can focus on projects without stressing about cleaning up after a productive session

  • It can be a space for contemplation

  • With no distractions, you can be more productive


Are you running out of space in your home for your massive collection of books? Transport all your novels or non-fiction books to a library shed and you won’t have to stress about discarding them.

  • Allows you to free up some space in your home

  • Add some comfy chairs and you’ll have a quiet space where you can enjoy your book collection

  • It will keep your books safe and dry

Modern Backyard Home

Why not join the tiny house movement and transform your shed into a living space. It’ll just need a few alterations inside and a touch of luxury to add the finishing touch.

  • Less space to keep clean and tidy

  • No room for clutter

  • Minimal living is very liberating

If you are interested in learning more, check our guide on living in a shed and regulations to know.

She Shed

If you’re looking for a place you can relax with the ladies, consider a she shed. You can include all kinds of extras such as a spa and bathhouse.

  • It’s easy to create a space that’s perfect for relaxation

  • You can make it a fun or functional space

  • Somewhere to get away all year round

Man Cave

It won’t take much work, just a few finishing skills and you’ll soon have a man cave where you can party with your friends.

  • Include a bar or games area

  • Consider installing a home movie screen

  • It’s a place to chill out after a hard day

Granny Flat

If your parents are getting on in years and you’d like to keep them close, use a shed as a granny flat. This is the perfect solution if you haven’t got space in your home., and it’ll stop them feeling lonely and isolated.

  • Elderly parents can feel independent

  • Close enough to keep an eye on them

  • You can provide all the comforts of home

  • No mortgage

  • Minimal upkeep

Cozy Sleeping Room

Does your partner keep you awake at night with their tossing and turning and constant snoring? Do your kids need more space of their own rather than sharing with siblings?

  • Creates room for an expanding family

  • You’ll be able to invite friends and family to stay

  • You can let your imagination run wild


If you’re looking for a way to get a passive income, why not open up your garden to paying guests? You’ll be able to make them feel right at home.

  • Sheds can be large enough to include sleeping, living, cooking, and shower areas

  • Rent it out for passive income

  • Invite friends and family to stay

  • Stops your home from getting overcrowded

Getaway & Hangout Space

Sometimes you just need a space where you can get away from everyone else and center yourself. A storage shed is an answer and it can take many forms. Turn a storage shed into a summer cabin, retreat space, or even somewhere to hide out.

  • You can make a storage shed as simple or luxurious as you please

  • It’s easy to create a place of tranquillity

  • Just being outdoors can be very refreshing

Home movie theater

This is quite an unusual use for a garden shed but no less doable than any of the other shed ideas. You will need a source of power, but there’s no reason why you can’t use a solar power station. Alternatively, you can call in a qualified electrician to connect you up to the mains.

  • If you’ve got expensive equipment you’ll need the best shed security

  • With a surround sound system, you could be sat in a real movie theater

  • Include a wi-fi connection and you’ll be able to stream the latest movies

Pet Grooming Parlour

There are lots of people who love to pamper their pets, but renting the space can be expensive.

  • You can create a space big enough to meet the needs of any size pet

  • Easy to keep clean and sanitary

  • Close to home and no rent to pay

Animal Shelter

Do you have goats, sheep, or perhaps a horse? You can easily turn a small shed into an animal shelter.

  • Protects your animals from the rain and cold winds

  • The animals can take shelter or roam free

  • Protects their feed from the rain

Dog Kennel

Does your favorite four-legged friend deserve somewhere special to spend his days out of the heat of the sun? A storage shed can provide very stylish and spacious accommodation for your best friend.

  • Comfortable living space for your fur baby

  • Provides protection from the elements

  • Compliments your garden

Chicken Coop

Keeping your chickens healthy is important. A happy chicken will lay lots of eggs so keep your ladies safe, secure, warm, and comfortable in a specially designed chicken coop.

  • Secure enough to keep our predators

  • You can include windows for adequate ventilation

  • Choose the right materials and it’s cool in summer and warm in winter


There’s no reason why you can’t start a bakery in your own backyard. You’ll have to make sure it meets the right standards but you’ll soon be baking up a treat.

  • You can design the perfect baking kitchen space

  • Cuts cost because there’s no rent to pay

  • A good business to have in your own home

Potting Shed

If you’ve got a potting shed you can give all your young plants the best start in life. As well as growing plants and germinating seeds, it's a place to store all your garden tools in a potting shed so they’re easily accessible.

  • Creates the perfect environment for early germination

  • Somewhere warmer in the winter for all those tender plants

  • Choose a color that compliments your garden

Concession Stand

If you’re looking for a concession stand, a ticket office, or a roadside stand where you can sell your produce, a shed might be the right fit.

  • Customization options are endless

  • Include windows that open

  • With a power source, there are countless things you can sell from a shed


Another great idea for any entrepreneurs out there who want their own space.

  • A great idea if you want to start a barbering business

  • Create the perfect surroundings for you and your clients

  • No rent to pay

Massage Therapy Office

Run your massage business from your own backyard and you don’t have to worry about sharing a space.

  • You can easily create a relaxing environment for clients

  • It’s your own space to decorate as you please

  • No rent to pay means more profit

Pool House

Build a classy and attractive pool house and you’ll have somewhere to store your pool equipment, and toys. In addition, it’ll be somewhere to get changed or shelter from the sun.

  • Changing area

  • Storage space for pool equipment and poolside furniture

  • An attractive addition to your pool area

Summer Outdoor Kitchen

Are you a fan of organizing summer barbeques? You can streamline the whole food delivery process by turning a garden shed into an outdoor kitchen.

  • Accessing running water makes this option a bit more challenging

  • Include countertops for food prep

  • Cabinets for storage and a small refrigerator

Garden Bar

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a glass or two of wine with friends. Turn your shed into a garden bar and all the refreshments and nibbles for your garden parties will be close by.

  • If you decide to sell drinks from your garden bar, you might need to get a license

  • A great addition to your summer barbeques

  • You’ll need power if you want to keep drinks cool in a refrigerator

Botanic Greenhouse

Use your garden shed as a greenhouse and you’ll have somewhere to go when you want to get away from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

  • Space where you can let your green fingers go to work

  • Somewhere to bring your tender plants during the cold winter months

  • Toughen up your seedlings before you replant them in the garden

Backyard Spa

Create a space where you can pamper yourself. You’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing soak in a spa without having to get in the car or pay for a weekend spa treatment.

  • You’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing soak anytime you need it

  • Save money only costly spa treatments

  • Decorate the space according to your needs

Personal Home Gym

Why worry about paying exorbitant gym subscription fees when you can have your own personal gym space in your backyard.

  • You can keep the space warm in the winter and cool in the summer

  • Install a sturdy floor for any heavy equipment

  • Use the money you save on gym fees for kitting out your shed

Hunting Cabin

Choose something that blends in with the surroundings. Add some hunting-related decor plus your trophies and you’ve got a secure hunting cabin.

  • Choose wood to blend in naturally

  • You can have a secure cabinet for your hunting equipment

  • A place to chill out with your hunting friends

Portable Lodge

If you happen to be a fisherman this is an idea you can take with you on your fishing trips. Hook it up to your fishing vehicle and your portable shed will go with you on your next fishing experience.

  • You can move it anywhere you want

  • You don’t have to leave it behind if you move

  • It’s your very own home from home on wheels


We’ve provided this list so you’ve got some inspiration. Choose to work with Urban Sheds and we’ll make your ideas come to life.

Use our 3D configuration tool to design your shed and we’ll do the rest for you. All our sheds come with a 30-year warranty, so you’re not going to be disappointed.

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