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    •  T1-11 LP Smartside (50yr warranty)

    • Lap Siding LP Smartside (50yr warranty) 

    •  Western Red Cedar - Tongue and Groove

  • Applying for and pulling a permit often requires a few trips to the building department to acquire documents and get signatures.


    Since our builders are the actual craftsmen, it isn't always easy for them to fit permitting applications into their schedules.


    If you would like help with the permitting process feel free to reach out to your Urban Sheds builder and they will be happy to help you for a fee.

  • There are three typical options for site preparation.


    1. Blocking (used for smaller sheds with a slightly unlevel area)

    2. Stone pad with retaining wall (aesthetically pleasing and good for larger structures)

    3. Cement Slab (good for permanent structures such as a home office)

  • The benefit of working directly with your Urban Sheds builder, is that the options are unlimited.


    Did you find a cool custom door online? Our craftsmen can install it.


    Want special lighting or flooring? Our builders are experienced craftsmen and can get it done.


    Simply schedule a consultation with your Local Urban Sheds builder and get started.

  • How much space would be sufficient? Tips: - make a list of things that would go in the shed - think about having sufficient space to walk in the shed with everything in it - consider the possibility of installing shelving or a loft ​- see pics below to help visualize your space


    80 sq ft 120 sq ft 200 sq ft

  • Tips: ​- Make a quick call to your local building department (sometimes this information is available through their website)



    1. How large of a shed can I build before I need a building permit?

    2. How close can I build the shed to the property line?

    3. Are there any height restrictions?

    4. What information is required to pull a building permit?

    Will I need: Pictures of the proposed shed? Construction Specs?

    80 sq ft 120 sq ft 200 sq ft

  • - Our shed siding options are LP Smartside or Western Red Cedar.


    - We use rot resistant lumber for the floor.


    - We use 25yr or greater shingles for the roof.

  • For a shed to remain structurally sound over a long period of time it needs to have a solid base. This can be accomplished in a number of ways, but some of the most common are:

    1. cement blocks

    2. stone pad

    3. concrete slab

  • Contact your local Urban Sheds Builder for more info.

  • Yes we would be glad to help you with that.


    You can get a demolition quote here.

  • Yes, your deposit is refundable, minus a $1000 cancelation fee to cover bank fees and disrupted schedules.


    Our builders are often booked out numerous weeks in advance.

    Feel free to put your deposit down early and get a place in the schedule while you work out the details such as colors and layout.

  • All our structures are built onsite by local craftsmen.


    ​- Your builder will order a package of lumber which will be delivered to your place often the morning of the scheduled construction. Your builder will process the lumber and build the shed onsite.


Everything you need to know about your shed 

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