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Urban Sheds stands behind its structures with a 30 year structural warranty.


Any issues of craftsmanship are warrantied for a period of 1 year from time of purchase. Connect directly with your builder to schedule warranty work or contact the Urban Sheds service department.

Conditions and Limitations

This warranty does not cover any Urban Sheds products, which have been damaged by such things as weather, falling trees,  natural disasters , improper use or neglect.


This Warranty does not cover shed contents or other personal property. Also the warranty will be voided by such things as, customer or 3rd party alterations including ramps, decks, additions etc. .


This Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the shed or any of its accessories. Changes in the  color of wood, or metal parts from age is not covered in this warranty.


The shed must have a cement block, crushed stone, or cement pad foundation.  Sheds that continually settle may indicate a poor ground quality, in which case additional trips to re-level may not be covered by warranty. This Warranty  does not cover structures that have been moved or sold. 

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