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Do I Need A Foundation For My Shed? - 3 Popular Options

When it comes to building a shed, one of the most critical decisions you'll make is selecting the right foundation. The foundation for your shed is a critical part of your shed installation. There are several popular options available. Each one has its benefits and each one, done correctly, is a great option. Let’s explore three popular choices: concrete blocks, crushed stone, and a concrete pad.

Concrete Blocks: Economical

Shed with concrete block foundation

Concrete blocks are a popular choice for shed foundations due to their affordability and simplicity. They offer a solid and level base for your shed, ensuring stability and durability. Here's why concrete blocks might be the right choice for you:

If your shed site has a significant slope, concrete blocks can easily be stacked to create a level building platform. They still offer solid, non-compromising support for a shed and do so in a cost effective way. The reason that you might choose to go with another option is because of the empty space under the structure that allows for rodents to get underneath.

Crushed Stone: Aesthetically Pleasing

Shed with crushed stone foundation

Crushed stone foundations look great and allow excellent drainage. You may opt for this for your shed because:

A well-prepared crushed stone foundation can create a visually appealing and classy look around your shed. It provides the best water drainage around the shed, preventing moisture-related issues. Unlike concrete blocks, crushed stone provides support for every inch along the length of your structure. This has little if any impact on usability and longevity but is something that is important to some shed owners. Challenges with crushed stone come when you have a significant slope in your shed site area. Crushed stone is still a great option but will require additional work and material creating some extra expense.

Concrete Pad: Specialized Uses

Shed with concrete pad foundation

Concrete pads are the go-to choice when you anticipate heavy loads (think much larger than a riding lawn mower) or plan to use your shed for specialized purposes like a home gym. Another use case is when you are trying to blend the structure in with a surrounding patio, etc.

Concrete pads are incredibly sturdy and can withstand heavy equipment, or the repeated impact of dropped weights, etc. Typically when this option is used the framed wooden floor of the shed is eliminated and the concrete pad serves as the base for the shed and the floor inside.

In review, each of these foundation choices for your shed are solid options. You can choose any of them with confidence. If you like one aesthetic look over another, choose knowing that you have a solid foundation. Your preference, meshed with your budget, combined with your property layout can help you confidently decide the correct foundation for your new shed. Our professional craftsmen are always happy to help find the solution that meets your needs and wishes.

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