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Shed Placement For Your Property

You need storage or office space but you’re not sure that you have the space on your property. In this guide, we'll look at two common challenges when deciding the best placement for your shed.

Traditional Storage Shed

Property Setbacks

Property setbacks should be an initial consideration. Setbacks are local zoning regulations that determine how far structures must be positioned from property lines.

A call to your local building department should produce an answer for your property’s setbacks and permitting requirements to avoid any confusion. If you don’t have the needed area to allow for the required setbacks, you can still pursue a variance (special permission from your building department) which can be granted in some cases.

Sloping Yards

A sloping yard might seem like an insurmountable obstacle. It can be a bit more challenging but with some extra planning, it is not a large obstacle.

If the slope is gradual (not more than 12” in 12’) this usually does not require a special approach to place a shed. If it is a steeper slope, even up to 2 to 4 foot slope or more in 12’ a more customized approach will be required to have a stable, long-term base installed. Two of these custom options are 1. Concrete piers or 2. Post & Beam and in the steepest yards a combination of both of these will be needed.

Other factors to consider for optimal shed placement


Depends on the primary purpose of your shed—whether it's storage, a workshop, or a garden retreat, choose the location to best serve this purpose, ensuring convenient access and usability.

Modern Home Office


If your shed will serve as a workshop or studio, consider its exposure to sunlight. Placing it in a way that maximizes natural light can enhance the overall functionality and ambiance.

In Conclusion

The strategic placement of your storage shed involves a combination of practical considerations and creative solutions. Take time to understand your property setbacks, speak with one of our builders about the slope in your yard, and decide the best placement with functionality and accessibility in mind. These three factors help ensure that your new shed is a valuable and aesthetic addition to your property.

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