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Urban Sheds


We shape our buildings and there after they shape us

Winston ChurchHill


We help people upgrade their backyards with modern sheds and home offices so they can engage in a more meaningful, organized and productive life and escape the chaos of daily living.

Our home offices give a place to contemplate, concentrate and be creative. 

Our sheds bring beauty, organization and additional space to your backyard.


Sheds Built


Locations Served


Years of Experience

A white modern looking backyard shed or home office
Benji Beiler

Benji Beiler


Dan Engbreston

Dan Engbreston


Steve Smucker

Steve Smucker


Dave Yoder

Dave Yoder



Jeremy Horning profile photo founder of Urban sheds

Jeremy Horning


Tim Keupfer. Manager in Urban Sheds

Tim Keupfer


Joe wine. Manager in Urban sheds

Joe Wine



Our Philosophy


All our sheds are first designed on the 3D Shed Modeling Software to get straightforward and accurate pricing before construction begins.

All our structures are built onsite to allow direct customer and craftsman interaction. On-site construction also allows the greatest flexibility of design and the greatest product and placement fit. If at any point in the project you think something isn’t quite right, a change order can quickly and easily be made directly with the builder.

All our builders follow local regulations as well as the structural guidelines set by Urban Sheds. Urban Sheds provides a 30 year structural warranty on all our buildings.

A recent report by Upwork predicts by 2028 the majority of the American workforce will be freelancers. We embrace this trend by outsourcing construction and recruiting and utilizing a network of freelance builders. Builders who join the Urban Sheds network, have access to the collective shed building knowledge and experience, including the ability to keep up with the constantly evolving best materials and building processes. Since freelance builders run their own businesses they are in more control of the money they make vs. an hourly employee. This model helps to build more resilient neighborhoods and communities where they live. Freelancers, as small business owners, are also deeply invested in their work and community.

​In my lifetime, I’ve had my hands on thousands of sheds—and I look forward to helping you connect with your builder and get the structure that will make your life better.

On one side is a race toward automation and robotics and the other side is the rise of the individual creators…the freelance artisans and craftsmen, rebelling against mass production and cookie cutter products. Refusing to settle for an environment filled with lifeless “stuff” and desiring to build and maintain relationships within the communities in which they live and build.\

At Urban Sheds we strive to remain human centered. We use technology in pretty much everything we do, from designing online to advanced building products, except when it comes to you the customer, we care about you and your story. Our customers are not just another number in the production line, they are our next door neighbors. Our builders are not minimum wage factory workers or robots, they are craftsmen, artisans and small business owners that you may hire for many other projects around your house. Our builders are part of your local community and you may meet them in your local coffee shop.


As larger corporations deteriorate and become obsolete, we are striving to build a network of relationships that are living and active in local communities. We believe physical communities are strengthened and held together by real world relationships. We believe our builders are not only building backyard structures, they are also building and maintaining the communities in which they live.
By partnering with Urban Sheds our freelance builders are networked together across the nation sharing innovative ideas and keep up to date on building materials and changes in the market place

Jeremy Horning


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Giving back


Wood, derived from trees, serves as the fundamental element in the construction of an Urban Shed, used to build the flooring, walls, and roof structure. Trees are an integral part of our environment, and play a vital role in establishing a stable climate and producing the oxygen essential for our breathing. At Urban Sheds, we partner with Eden Reforestation in an effort to close the sustainability gap

Start Designing Your Dream Shed

Easily design using our online 3D shed configuration and hire local talent

Our History


2014 - 2017

Having my own business, I had a lot of flexibility to innovate in the way things were done. I started building the sheds onsite and liked the ability to work directly with my customers vs. building sheds in a manufacturing plant. I found that by building the sheds onsite I could create better connections with my customers and create storage solutions that fit their exact needs. I also found in working with the customers, that solving their storage problems was often the beginning of a relationship that lasted for years. For some customers, I would build their shed, then a new deck, then a pergola or anything else they had in mind.


With modern technology I saw the opportunity to expand and bring this same advantage to many communities. So we started recruiting craftsmen in other areas who had the same vision of quality construction and local building. With our online shed design tool we make it easy for customers anywhere in the USA to design their shed and hire an expert builder.

1956 (My Grandfather)

I grew up in Lebanon County Pennsylvania in the small village of Waldeck (an old high German name meaning "wood" "corner"). We lived on a small 4 acre homestead where my father was born and raised. My father operated the small family woodworking shop which was started by my grandfather back in 1956.

1994 - 2000

As a child I spent many hours working side by side with my father and grandfather, building furniture and tinkering on my own projects in the wood shop. It was here that I learned the elements of craftsmanship and hard work, but most of all the character and stories that shape the foundations of my life.

March 2001

In the early 2000's, at the age of 16, I moved to western Massachusetts with my family. I had the opportunity to become the first employee of a newly developing storage shed company. Being the first employee, I soon shifted to foreman and then shop manager as the company grew. I spent over a decade in this environment, managing the production of thousands of sheds as well as learning to better understand people, their needs and desires

July 2014

After many years of building sheds in western Massachusetts, I moved to Boston in 2014. I naturally got back into building sheds again, this time starting my own business, Urban Sheds.

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