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Shed Styles: What are the 10 main types of sheds?

Updated: Jul 13

Have you ever wondered why people need sheds? Do you need extra storage space but don't know how to go about it? If yes, then you're in luck. In today's blog, we'll talk about different popular shed styles and why you need one.

Most homeowners install quality sheds in their homes because they need a visually appealing structure that'll serve as an extra space or even a pool house. There are lots of shed models to choose from depending on the overall look you're trying to achieve.

But keep in mind that, your final choice of shed style is dependent on your personal taste and of course the aesthetics of your backyard.

What Are The Different Shed Styles and Types?

Many homeowners don't know they have the luxury of choosing different types of sheds to match their decor, hence they go for any shed style they come across.

It's important you select a stylish shed model that compliments your home, and one that makes your backyard look more attractive.

Let's go over the most popular shed types, so you can discover what works best for you, in terms of functionality, convenience and affordability.

Gable (A-Frame)

The Gable or A-frame shed is one of the most popular shed styles you'll find in neighbourhoods, and that's because it's affordable and can fit into almost any backyard aesthetic.

Generally speaking, the A-frame shed doesn't require a lot of maintenance, and its gently sloping roof and top ridge design give it an elegant look.

As a homeowner, if you are looking for a shed that can store your heavy equipment and garden tools, or you simply need where to grow your plants, you can buy the Gable shed.

This shed model can be built with prebuilt trusses, or you can choose to purchase this shed in any size of your choice.


  • Installation is incredibly easy and quick

  • Low maintenance

  • Above the ceiling has extra storage space


  • Might not be able to withstand high winds

  • Due to the low slope, heavy snow can cause a load problem

Gambrel (Dutch Barn)

If you are interested in having an aesthetically pleasing shed with ample storage space, then you might want to consider the Gambrel shed. Due to its steep roof slope, it has enough head space, making it convenient for you to install an attic in the shed.

You can use this shed as a parking lot for your car because it's large enough for this purpose. The roof style of the Gambrel shed gives it the illusion of a barn, and although it's not as spacious as a barn it still gives you plenty of outdoor storage.


  • Gambrel roof style sheds water easily

  • Adding a loft for extra space is easy


  • You'll need to waterproof the ridges properly, or it's at risk of leaking

  • Due to its high profile, it may be not be allowed in some neighbourhoods

  • It's not fully resistant to high winds unless when properly braced


Lean-to sheds have very a unique shape, and that's why homeowners who want to give their backyard a very classic look go for it. A Lean-to shed is also called a mono-slope shed and that's because its roof has only one slope. Because of this shape, you get to have extra space on one side of the building, while still keeping your shed's roof protected from high winds and heavy snow.

The mono-slope shed is perfect if you need a new shed and don't want to go through the hassles of a full installation. You can install it on the existing walls of your building, and due to its close proximity, you can use it to store just about anything.


  • It's beginner-friendly and easy to install

  • Due to its wall height, there's enough room to create an attic space

  • The roof overhang serves as a shade and protection from the rain and snow


  • Ventilation can be an issue in the roof area


Not everyone will appreciate a shed that contrasts in colour with their building. So, if you intend to customize the colour of your shed to match your house, you can go for the saltbox shed.

Because of its shape, you can construct it to any size; saltbox sheds are functional and versatile, you can use them as a garage, playhouse, workshop, or just a place to store items you don't know where to keep.

The roof of this shed distinguishes it from any other shed; just like the gable roof, the slope of this roof joins together at the ridge, but one side of the roof is longer than the other. This shed features stylish windows, so if you want a combination of outdoor storage and functionality, then you need a saltbox shed.


  • It's highly durable and resistant to heavy wind

  • It's fairly easy for a beginner to construct

  • It sheds rain and snow easily


  • Heavy winds might affect the roof

  • The construction is a bit expensive


This shed style is perfect for those who want their personal workshop in their backyard. For this type of shed style, windows are a must, because you need to make certain there's enough ventilation while you're working.

So, if you intend on creating more space for your heavy machinery, the craftsman style is the way to go.


  • It's low maintenance

  • Snow and rain run off well

  • It's easy to install


  • Not suitable for heavy winds

Flat Roof

Different types of sheds come with distinct heights. This flat roof style has a low profile making it perfect for certain neighbourhoods. It has the construction of regular sheds, but its shed walls have almost equal height.


  • It is cheap to get this type of shed installed

  • A beginner can build it effortlessly


  • Requires constant maintenance

  • Hard to insult, and that's something to worry about


Quaker sheds are one of the most popular types of sheds because of their traditional look. It offers maximum space, and the roof overhang makes this shed stand out from others. If you are in the market for a new shed that has a beautiful structure with enough space, then purchase quaker sheds.

Quaker sheds can be built to accommodate large double doors or even a garage door.


  • It's great for those who want large storage space


  • It's expensive to build


The Victorian shed style is an upgraded version of the A-frame shed. It combines the elements of beauty and elegance. You can have this on your property without bothering about longevity. It's long-lasting and can withstand any temperature and weather.


  • Gives your property an expensive feel

  • It's a high-end shed style


  • Expensive to install

Slanted (Pent)

Slanted shed style features taller walls parallel to shorter ones. If you need a solid shed against your wall, then go for the slanted shed style. The joists span the space between all walls.


  • It sheds rain and snow easily

  • It's great for solar panels when oriented towards the west


  • High winds can cause serious damage to the roof


This shed style is designed using eight hips that run from the walls towards one middle point. You can construct it using a steep or low slope.


  • Offers support against heavy winds

  • It's a very unique and beautiful style


  • Complicated construction


This is a very difficult shed style and will need the help of experts. It's designed using two different slopes on the four roof surfaces.


  • Gives you access to be bigger attic space


  • It's not affordable

  • It's complex and not beginner-friendly

Which Are Some Of The Most Common Shed Uses?

Your shed style is as important as its usage. There are different models of sheds, and you have to figure out what you need a shed for before buying one.

In case you have no idea what to use a shed for, but you still want one because you need to spice up the look of your house, then keep reading.

Garden Sheds

If you need additional storage for your fertilizers, plants, and gardening equipment, then you need a garden shed in your house. Having this type of backyard shed is perfect because it doesn't take up a lot of space, plus it's very durable.


Sometimes you might just need more storage than your home can provide, and in most cases, your best option is to have a long-lasting outdoor shed that you can transform into a workshop.

If you intend to transform your shed into a workshop, you'll need to make provision for electricity. However, ensure you enlist the help of a professional to do this.

Storage shed

As a homeowner, you're going to need to store items at a point. It could be a lawnmower or any equipment you don't need at the moment. Your size shed will depend on what you intend to store, and you'll need to opt for a bigger storage space if you plan on storing a lot of things.

However, also put into consideration the size of your backyard, so you don't install a shed that'll not complement your house.


Being able to relax and be efficient isn't a luxury you'll enjoy especially when you have children running all over the house. While that's a nice thing, it doesn't hurt to sit and rest alone for a couple of hours, especially if you need to get some work done. Having an office shed saves you from the extra cost of home improvement hassles.

If you need your office shed to stand out, explore different styles and designs, or get inspiration from other buildings in your neighbourhood on how to design your space. The advantages of having an office shed are numerous; aside from it being a cost-effective way to create more space, you can easily renovate it when you feel it doesn't serve its purpose anymore.

Studio sheds

With just the right amount of soundproofing, you can transform your shed into a studio shed. Music lovers always love a place where they can practice without disturbing their environment. So, if you are one and you are looking for a space to keep a low profile while you do your thing, consider creating a studio shed for yourself.

She shed

Most women have their special hobbies, and they always love a place where they can have alone time without any disturbance.

Man cave

This is just the equivalent of she sheds, but this time, it's for the men. Depending on your style and budget, you can decide to furnish your shed, and include a couch, a fridge, and a TV.

Fun fact, the best place suited to watch a soccer match is in man caves.

Check our in-depth guide to get insights on 45 unique shed uses.

How To Choose The Right Shed Roof Style?

Choosing the right shed style is dependent on your personal taste and other important factors. Let's go over factors you need to put in check before choosing the right shed style for your backyard.

Roofing material

There are many different types of shed roofing materials you can use for your backyard structure depending on the look you want. Roofs are important because they can either make or mar your backyard shed.

The sheet metal material is most common in commercial buildings. This shed roof style is an affordable and long-lasting option. Installing it doesn't even take so much effort, and in a few hours, your shed roof is all erect. It requires low maintenance and can last for decades without needing replacement.

Then there are the clay tiles that give your shed a permanent look, but you might need a professional to do the installing for you.

Lastly, there's the green roof material that can prevent water penetration and create a growing medium so the mosses that form on top can last. Green roofs aren't the ideal roofing material for homeowners, but it's a shed roof with an appealing appearance.

Shed material

Most homeowners are very particular when it comes to shed material because it determines the overall budget and of course look. There are vinyl or plastic sheds, metal sheds and wood sheds. Most plastic sheds are cheap and usually have a long lifespan. The price might be higher if you are paying for the highest quality of plastic.

A plastic shed is sometimes the best because it doesn't get affected by moisture nor are you at risk of insect infestation.

Metal sheds are made from steel, iron and aluminium, and most people love them because of their sturdy nature. They are very hard to break and you can store your valuables in your metal shed.

Sheds made of wood materials are usually the first choice because of their appearance and how well it blends into the environment. The major disadvantage is that they are susceptible to termites' infestation. So, if you decide to buy a shed with wooden material, ensure you are well prepared to do regular maintenance, so it doesn't get damaged.

Shed Foundation

The most popular shed styles are famous because of their foundations. Without a good foundation, no matter how aesthetically pleasing your shed appears, it won't last!

There's a huge variety of shed foundations, and a few of them include; concrete piers, concrete blocks, gravel pads, and post and beam.

Check our buyers guide for more information on the different considerations and factors to consider when buying a shed.


When choosing shed models and styles you need to figure out whether you need large sheds for your needs or just a small space. Take every factor into detail, so you don't end up with a shed you don't appreciate.

Be mindful of foundation and flooring materials because that's the backbone of your shed. Lastly, always go for an economical shed style that's within your budget.

Finally, make enquires from other homeowners within your location, to determine if high shed buildings are allowed or not.


What type of shed is easiest to build?

Lean-to shed styles are the easiest to build because of their simplicity. It's not complicated, and a beginner can easily have it constructed.

What type of shed lasts the longest?

Vinyl sheds tend to be very durable and they aren't affected by natural elements. They can withstand pressure better than other types of sheds.

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