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Ultimate Shed Flooring and Covering List - 21 Options & Ideas

Updated: Nov 17, 2022


When you spend a great deal of time and money ensuring you buy the shed of your dreams, it makes sense to do the best you can to increase the life of your shed. Flooring for sheds is one of the most important elements. Above all, flooring for sheds should be stable and strong, but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be functional and appealing as well.

If you’re looking for shed floor covering ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Garden shed floors are one element that takes a lot of punishment. We’re going to look at shed flooring options, how much the best options cost, and answer some of the most common questions people looking for shed flooring solutions ask.

Why Do You Need Flooring In Your Shed?

Why Do You Need Flooring In Your Shed?

Flooring plays a vital role in the construction of your garden shed. However, it makes no difference whether your shed is for storing gardening tools, excess garage items, or used as a studio, playroom, or home office.

Shed floors are essential because they ensure a solid surface to walk on and sturdy support for items you store. If your items don’t have a solid surface to stand on, they’ll roll around, be unsteady, and could get damaged. Stability is critical if you need to store heavy-duty items.

If you place your garden shed directly on the ground it could cause the timber to rot. Wood rot is a very natural process, and when it happens to your shed, it can be dangerous and harmful.

Wood rots when it decomposes because of particular kinds of fungi that start to grow in damp conditions. The fungi break down the wood, and one possible scenario is that your garden shed collapses. If you haven’t got a shed floor and the soil underneath your garden shed is moist, the decomposition process will start.

Is your garden shed an extended living space?

For example, a man cave, she shed, reading corner, exercise space, or art studio. Having proper flooring means the space will be safe and warm. With this kind of space, the right choice for shed floor coverings can also add to the overall aesthetics of the space. A home improvement project well worth the effort!

How Much Weight Can a Shed Floor Hold on Average?

The actual weight a garden shed floor can hold depends on the foundation and several other things. An average figure, per square foot for a 10x16 shed would be 3200 pounds (10 x 16 x 20 pounds).

How Thick Should a Shed Floor Be?

The ideal thickness for your shed floor covering will depend on the floor you choose. If you’re thinking about using concrete, for example, a suitable thickness is around 4 inches. On the other hand, if you want to install a timber or wood plank floor, 3/4 inch pressure-treated exterior-grade CDX plywood is best.

What to Consider When Choosing a Shed Flooring Material

What to Consider When Choosing a Shed Flooring Material
What to Consider When Choosing a Shed Flooring Material

There are almost as many garden shed flooring options as you’ve got time and imagination. Some are easier to deal with and install than others, while some are more visually appealing than functional.

You might think that the cheapest option is best, but there are more factors to consider than just the cost, for example:


The flooring you choose must be durable. Think about the items you might drag or roll over the floor and whether there is any possibility of leaks and spills.

Ideally, you want the flooring to be scratch-resistant and weather-resistant. You can also get flooring that is non-slippery and resistant to chemicals.

Ease of installation

You’ll find some of the shed flooring ideas in the list easier to install than others. If you plan to do the flooring yourself, look for something easy to install. Always check the installation guidelines and see what other items you might need for the installation process. For example:

  • Epoxy flooring is durable but complicated to install.

  • Linoleum tile is relatively simple to install, but you’ll have to use a latex adhesive, which is messy.

  • A wood plank floor, plywood floor, or OSB will be straightforward but is heavy, so you might need a second pair of hands.

  • Tongue and groove wood planks are not overly complicated but can be very time-consuming.

  • Natural cedar wood is long-lasting, and you won't need to paint it!


Once you’ve laid your flooring, you want it to stay put for a long time. Some options are better over long periods than others. When considering the various shed flooring ideas, consider how well the material will adhere to the shed’s sub-floor.


Many flooring products require a certain amount of curing time. The curing process is dependant on temperature, so you might only be able to lay them at certain times of the year. Floor coatings such as paint, concrete sealer, and some wood floor products require curing.


Price is an essential factor, especially if you’ve got a tight budget. The cost of different flooring can vary considerably. OSB is much cheaper than tongue and groove flooring, for example. If you’re thinking about installing concrete slabs, remember to include the cost of various treatments when considering your options.

Shed’s Purpose

Are you going to be using it for the storage of tools?

Will you need storage space for something heavy such as a lawnmower? In which case, you need a strong, non-slippery surface.

Will you be using your garage or backyard shed as a home office, man cave, or similar? In this case, you should spend on a thick floor that looks good and is insulated in the winter.

If your children use it as a playroom, flooring that’s easy to keep clean is the preferred choice. Decide exactly what the intended use for your shed is before deciding on the flooring.

Type of Existing Flooring

Is it concrete subflooring or a pre-installed plastic floor, for example?

Style and Color Options

These two factors are critical if you plan to use your backyard shed for something other than a storage space. If you plan to spend time in your shed, look for a flooring solution that’s comfortable to walk on and good-looking.


Ideally, you want flooring that’s easy to keep clean. Some flooring choices are stain-resistant, which will be perfect if there’s a risk of leaks or oil spills. For a shed that doubles up as a kids’ play area, you want a surface that’s easy to clean.

Most Popular Shed Flooring Types and Materials

Most Popular Shed Flooring Types and Materials

shed floor protection

Once you’ve chosen the base for your shed, consider what you will do to protect it from extreme weather conditions and possible damage. You can use various paints, sealants, and other coverings to increase the material’s durability and improve its appearance.


An epoxy coating protects your shed floor covering from chemicals and water, wear and tear. It will also improve the aesthetics and is usually available in several different colors.

  • Budget-friendly: More affordable options are available.

  • Durability: Epoxy coatings help to prevent penetration from water, oil, leaked fluids, or other chemicals, and at the same time offer protection against damage. There are even slip-resistant epoxy finishes.


  1. An attractive and durable floor covering.

  2. Excellent sealant for concrete floors.

  3. Can resist scratches.

  4. Resists mold.

  5. It has a bright and shiny finish for sprucing up dark and gloomy places.


  1. Epoxy is challenging to apply.

  2. Expensive.


Cork is a very soft material which makes it a comfortable surface to stand on. It is also an excellent natural insulator.

  • Budget-friendly: Medium

  • Durability: Cork is not as durable as some other flooring materials for sheds. However, if you seal it regularly, it should last for many years.


  1. Warm and comfortable material to use on the floor.

  2. It will help insulate your shed during the winter.

  3. Very eco-friendly flooring material.


  1. Easier to damage than many other flooring materials.

Concrete Paint

If you’ve chosen a concrete floor, you can improve its appearance and provide more protection by using concrete paint. Although this paint is expensive, you can apply concrete paint directly without a primer or other treatment.

  • Budget-friendly: No

  • Durability: Concrete paint dramatically improves the durability of a concrete shed floor and also makes it look more attractive.


  1. Improves the appearance of concrete.

  2. Doesn’t require a primer.

  3. Protects from UV light and is resistant to chips and scratches.


  1. Concrete paint can be pricey.

Interlocking Tiles

Interlocking tiles are a versatile and easy way to change your shed floor covering. They simply snap together, and you can place them on any surface.

  • Budget-friendly: Very budget-friendly.

  • Durability: The tile surface is resistant to water and spills and is also very easy to clean, which helps it last longer.


  1. Quick and easy to install.

  2. Available in various patterns and colors.

  3. Their weight means they won’t shift, and they are resistant to spilled fluids.


  1. Only the tile surface is resistant to water and spills.

Cement Sheets

You can use cement sheets on top of almost any type of flooring. They are moisture-proof, provide excellent stability, and are impervious to insect damage, pests, and rot.

  • Budget-friendly: Can be expensive, plus you’ll need a special tool and safety gear.

  • Durability: Cement sheets are very durable and provide a high level of stability.


  1. Compliant with most standards for fire resistance.

  2. Last longer than many other shed floor options.

  3. Protect against moisture, rot, and insect damage.


  1. They are heavy and time-consuming to install.

Rubber Matting

Rubber matting is another quick and easy option that will also increase the longevity of your shed floor. You can buy rolls or sheets. To install, you simply roll the rubber sheet out. However, it’s not one of the most attractive options.

  • Budget-friendly: Very budget-friendly

  • Durability: You will significantly increase the life of your shed flooring if you add a rubber mat. In addition, because rubber matting is so easy to clean, it will help protect your floor from long-term damage.


  1. Quick and easy installation.

  2. Resistant to stains and water.

  3. Very affordable option.


  1. Not the most aesthetically appealing.

Carpet, Outdoor Rugs or Runners

If you’ve already got some carpet lying around, this could be one of the most affordable options. However, using carpet as flooring does have many downsides. For example, carpet is not very durable as it absorbs water, stains, odors and can allow mold to grow.

  • Budget-friendly: The most budget-friendly option.

  • Durability: Carpet is not very durable, as it offers little protection from moisture or dirt. It is also likely to wear very quickly in high-traffic areas.


  1. Carpet can create a soft surface.

  2. Your shed will feel warmer.

  3. Carpet could make your shed more colorful.


  1. Not resistant to stains, liquids, water, or odors.


This might not be something you immediately think about as a flooring material - but it makes a very effective non-slip surface.

  • Budget-friendly: Moderately

  • Durability: This is not an exceptionally durable surface, as it will fall apart if it gets too wet.


  1. Slip-resistant flooring material.

  2. Easy to apply.


  1. Will degrade quickly when wet.

  2. Need to replace when grit has worn away.


This is a practical and attractive solution for your shed floor, but it will require underfloor insulation first.

  • Budget-friendly: Affordable wood flooring

  • Durability: Laminate wood floors are a very durable option, but only if you can keep the moisture level to a minimum.


  1. Available in a wide range of styles, colors, and woods.

  2. Scratch-resistant.

  3. Longer lasting than wood.


  1. Not an appropriate floor covering if there is excessive moisture, as it can be slippery.

  2. Hard to repair and prone to warping.


You can buy linoleum as tiles or rolls. Tiles are better if your shed floor is small. A roll of linoleum is better for a large area.

  • Budget-friendly: Yes, very!

  • Durability: Linoleum flooring is a very durable option for your shed. Many linoleum products come with warranties of up to 25 years.


  1. Simple to install.

  2. Inexpensive solution.

  3. Available in many attractive designs.


  1. Likely to be damaged if dragging heavy-duty items across it.

Vinyl Roll Out

Vinyl rolls are an all-around good solution for the floor of a shed. Vinyl is waterproof, slip-resistant, and can withstand most household chemicals. Plus, it's effortless to clean. There is also the option of using vinyl tiles instead of vinyl rolls.

  • Budget-friendly: Yes

  • Durability: Vinyl roll-out flooring is very durable. It's waterproof, resistant to staining from oil and various fluids, and can withstand weather and extreme temperatures.


  1. Vinyl is comfortable and affordable.

  2. Withstands extreme temperatures.

  3. No adhesive is necessary.


  1. Vinyl is not eco-friendly and is difficult to recycle.

Horse Stall Mats

Horse stall mats are made from high-quality recycled crumb rubber. They might be for horses but can double up as a comfortable shed flooring idea.

  • Budget-friendly: Yes

  • Durability: Horse stall mats are very durable and resistant to wear.


  1. Comfortable shed flooring option.

  2. Very durable and easy to clean.

  3. They are made from recycled materials.


  1. This type of rubber mat can smell a little strange.

Raised Floor Tiles

If you choose raised floor tiles, you’ll be able to install wiring underneath. It could be the perfect solution if you’re planning to use your shed as a home office.

  • Budget-friendly: Yes

  • Durability: Not as high as some other materials.


  1. Tiles are available in an unlimited variety of colors, shapes, patterns, textures, and sizes.

  2. Raised floor tiles feel warm.

  3. Energy savings.


  1. You’ll need specialized knowledge and tools to install raised floor tiles.

Normal Floor Tiles

Normal floor tiles are available in a wide range of colors and styles.

  • Budget-friendly: Not expensive for a small space.

  • Durability: Normal floor tiles can easily break if you drop something large, or store heavy tools on them.


  1. An attractive and stylish addition to your shed.

  2. Waterproof and stain-resistant.


  1. Easy to break.

  2. Grouting will need regular cleaning.

Marbleized Cement

This is a unique shed flooring idea and simpler to create than you might think.

  • Budget-friendly: Affordable

  • Durability: Marbleized cement flooring is easy to clean, and is exceptionally durable.


  1. An attractive and unique shed floor solution.

  2. Very durable.

  3. Low maintenance.


  1. It takes time to apply and dry.

Interested in available options, ideas and materials for other parts of your shed?

Check our dedicated guides on:


Nobody wants a shed floor that looks ugly, stained, and uncared for. If replacing an existing floor, choose a covering that suits your needs. Among an endless variety of options for your shed floor, we’ve listed some of the most popular.

If you can’t decide, our team of professional advisors will be happy to help you pick the best flooring solution for your new Urban Shed.



The starting point for any shed is to create a firm, level foundation. There are different options. For example, a timber, plastic, paved or concrete base. All of these solutions will prevent water from collecting on the floor of your shed and damaging it.

Concrete and paved bases can’t be installed directly on soft ground and will need a sub-floor. You’ll also need to construct a frame or edging around a concrete base to support it while it sets. Choose your base according to the intended use of the shed.





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