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How Much Do Shed Repairs Cost and Is It Worth It?

Updated: Nov 17, 2022


When you invest in a backyard structure, the expectation is that the shed will last longer than just a couple of years.

However, just like any other building you might own, a shed requires regular maintenance and upkeep. There will also come a time when most homeowners will need to do some shed repairs to keep their shed functional. If your shed shows signs of needing repair, you might be wondering if the shed repair cost is worth it or should you plan on buying a new one. In this article, you’ll find the answer to this question. You’ll also learn more about the cost to repair a shed.

Can You Repair a Shed?

Unfortunately, even the best garden shed can be plagued with troubles after some time. But are they repairable? Let’s take a brief look at some common reasons for typical barn repairs.

  • Water/moisture damage and rot: The best way to correct this kind of problem is by replacing the rotten wood or timber with new, treated wood. If it’s just sagging roof panels or the floor, this is less of a problem. If, on the other hand, it’s the foundation or frame or the structure itself has extensive water damage, a replacement shed is likely a better option.

  • Rust patches: If you have a steel shed, one thing you might encounter is rust. Small patches can be sanded or filed to remove the rust. Then, it’s best to seal the areas with a rust sealant. For more extensive repairs, you might get replacement panels or frame members. On the whole, it’s cost-effective and straightforward to repair a shed made of steel.

  • Pest problems: Pests, including termites, insects, mice, and rodents, can be a problem with wooden sheds. Pest removal can be costly. It depends on the type of pest, but termites could potentially damage the structure, or pests might leave behind potentially toxic waste, which could cost a lot of money to repair. The smart option in such cases, to save money, is to tear the shed down and have another one built.

Is It Worth Repairing Your Shed?

Is It Worth Repairing Your Shed?

Whether it’s worth it depends on a wide variety of factors.

  • The age of your shed: If the shed has already seen better days, it might be time to cut your losses and buy a new one rather than repairing it. All sheds from Urban Sheds come with a 30-year structural warranty.

  • Your shed’s quality: Whether the shed is good quality is an essential factor and will also determine what kind of damage you’ll have to contend with.

  • Whether you’d like to upgrade: When you bought your shed, it was probably big enough to meet your needs, but does it provide enough storage space now? If the answer is no, you might consider new larger sheds rather than bear the cost of a full shed repair. For some great hacks check our useful shed storage and organization ideas.

  • What the problem is: Sheds needing small, cosmetic repairs or just a few roof shingles replaced are probably worth doing. If you’ve got a massive structural problem, shop around for a new one.

When Should I Replace My Shed?

Several things can go wrong with an outdoor shed, depending on the construction quality and the type of material. Problems that might need to be repaired include:

  • Roof damage

  • Water ingress

  • Rot

  • Rust

  • Warping

  • Wind damage

  • Pest infestations

  • Structural instability

  • Leaks

  • And many more.

How Much Would It Cost To Repair Or Renovate A Shed?

The cost to repair or renovate a shed depends on a few things. For example, the materials used in the construction, how well the garden shed was made, where you live, and what repair work is needed are critical factors. Important Factors That Influence Shed Repair Costs

  • Type of material: Materials used for shed roofing, siding, flooring and other parts affect the average cost to build a shed. For example, costs for metal roofing aluminum shingles range between $600 and $1,500 per 100 square feet. Rolled roofing costs on average $130 per 100 square feet. Asphalt roofing felt costs as little as $40 per 100 square feet, depending on the supplier. Check various shed building materials and their pros & cons.

  • Geographic location: The average cost of labor and materials varies from one location to another.

  • Age of the shed: If your shed or barn is very old, you’ll need to be extra careful when undertaking repairs, and it may be hard to find materials, which will increase the cost.

Other factors include:

Average Repair Cost Countrywide

According to a survey undertaken by HomeAdvisor, the average repair cost for a barn or shed is $957. However, the actual range of repair costs reported by HomeAdvisor members is between $461 and $1,453. Here’s a list of some typical shed repairs to help you estimate the cost:

  • Cracks or problems with the foundations: $500 to $1,000

  • Vinyl siding damage: $1,050 to $2,100

  • Interior damage: $200 to $700

  • Wall straightening that means bracing and jacking: $2,000 for materials and $10,000 for labor

DIY Shed Repair vs. PRO Shed Repair Service

If you’ve managed to acquire a few DIY skills over the years, you may be able to undertake certain shed repairs yourself as DIY projects and do a great job, with everything completed in a day or two. However, it’s not an ideal home improvement project because of safety issues. They include the risk of a fall or electrocution while working on a structural fix or during the replacement of roof shingles. For a project involving concrete foundation repair, hire contractors with tools to break up the old concrete foundation and replace it with new concrete. They also have to prepare the ground for new foundations. These tasks aren't easily done as a home DIY project. Let’s give you some comparisons. A DIY roof repair project could cost around $300. Professional contractors will cost between $400 to $500. In most cases, the cost for repair labor can range from $65 to $85 per hour for plumbers and electricians, and for carpentry, the charge is an average of $70 per hour. Shed roof projects could cost between $140 and $750, including labor, for a roof structure that’s 120 square feet. Removing and swapping damaged shingles or patching a damaged area of a metal roof will not be as costly as dealing with a collapsed roof. This kind of repair project requires structural support and bracing. A contractor is going to cost more because of safety concerns and insurance paperwork.

Repairing A Shed vs. Buying A New Shed

Repairing A Shed vs. Buying A New Shed

If the repairs to your shed will cost more than $5,000, it’s probably better if you remove it and rebuild. However, there’s no hard and fast rule you should follow. For example, in many cases, mending the structure is probably the most cost-effective way to make it safe to use again. It might also be better to install a brand new shed if you want to upgrade to a larger building with more storage space for all your belongings and other stuff. The more minor, less severe problems can be simple to fix:

  • Simple touch up of the door trim

  • Missing shingles

  • Damaged shed windows

  • Rusting metal parts

  • Non-serious mold

There are also issues that you’re better not fixing - it's better to rebuild your shed from scratch:

  • Serious roof leaks

  • Leaking walls

  • Cracked shed floor

  • Serious mold infestation caused by excess moisture

  • Foundation issues

Typically, the issues above are serious enough on their own but could also lead to damage to the belongings stored inside. That's why most homeowners opt for building a new shed, whether from scratch or buying a self-build kit with instructions, as it's money well spent.

Check our guide If you want to know more about the most important considerations when buying a shed.

Bottom Line

Whether or not you repair and replace parts or build a new shed is not a one-answer question. There are so many contributing factors that it would be impossible to estimate the cost for all possible scenarios. Minor repairs are worth doing yourself, for example, you can treat wood/timber annually, clean and maintain moving parts, etc. However, more extensive structural repairs might mean hiring a professional and swapping the old shed for a new one. The information given above should be enough to help you make an informed decision. At the end of the day, which course of action you take is a personal choice depending on the state of your shed and your home storage needs.



​Even if your garden shed is several decades old, the best solution could still be fixing it. Breathing new life into an old structure can be very rewarding, and the cost might be a fair trade-off especially if the shed holds sentimental value, and will provide secure storage for many more years.

In many cases, restoring a shed is the lower-cost option rather than rebuilding, especially if the main structures and larger areas are sound and repairs are simple. An area of isolated water damage inside or minor rust spots is worth repairing. If the structure of the shed is dry, in good shape, you’re happy with the size and design, then refurb is the way to go.

On the other hand, if the structure's integrity is non-existent and it’s become a safety hazard, remove it and build something new.


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