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33 Shed Storage Ideas & Tips for Better Organization

Updated: Nov 17, 2022


A storage shed can help you keep things organized and stored correctly. If you don’t spend time on regular shed organization, you’ll often waste time looking for tools and small items. Ideally, you should be able to walk from the front to the back without problems while inside! That's why today we're sharing some super simple shed organization and storage ideas and tips with you. A storage shed that’s well organized to give you extra space will mean less work and allow you easy access to your tools.

How Do You Maximize Shed Storage?

A disorganized storage shed makes finding any tools you want very time-consuming. You’ll need to work removing a lot of junk, rather than simply grabbing what you want. So how do you optimize your shed storage area? What you need are some shed storage ideas and tips to maximize space.

Let’s go through some key steps before we look at the best shed storage ideas and tips.

Step 1: Remove Everything From Your Garden Shed

Before we look at shed storage ideas, a good clear out of the storage shed is in order. Yes, it's quite a bit of work, but that way you’ll be able to see exactly what you’ve got and what needs tidying. Do it on a sunny or dry day.

Empty Garden Shed

Step 2: Get Rid of the Junk and Anything You Don’t Need

Be ruthless with everything cluttering up your storage shed. Maybe you’ve got three garden rakes or multiple lawnmowers, but do you really need them all? Then there’s that rototiller in the corner gathering dust - it maybe doesn't even work anymore!

Ditch anything worthless or that you don’t need. Sell any high-value items in the classified section of the local newspaper or an online auction site.

Group Similar Items Together

Step 3: Group Similar Items Together

This is one of the best shed storage ideas to focus on. Here's an easy DIY hack; organize and group the items you want to keep by size, purpose, or the time of year they're needed?

If you’re unsure how to start, a quick and simple tip is choosing one of the more oversized items, such as lawnmowers, and planning how things will fit around it.

Step 4: Plan Everything

Once you have an empty storage shed, carefully evaluate the space before you start putting things back in. What storage shed ideas might work? The internet is a fantastic tool if you need inspiration or information for your shed storage ideas.

One of the best ideas is to optimize the ceiling and wall space for shed storage space. A good option could be to fill the shed with shelving. This could be floor-standing or wall-hung shelves fixed to the wall studs, depending on your shed.

On the other hand, using ceiling joists for ceiling storage and lining the walls with tool racks, a couple of hooks, and hose clips might work if shed storage space is limited. Shed ceiling space is often overlooked completely when thinking about shed storage.

Alternatively, try using a collection of stackable storage boxes?

Whatever shed storage space ideas you choose, check the structure of the tool shed can take any extra weight.

Other things to think about include:

  • How to store the small stuff

  • Which items do you use the most

  • Garden tool storage should be safe but allow accessibility

  • How much shed space do you have

Step 5: Label Everything

Before putting everything back in your tool shed, optimize your shed organization; label anything you want to store in your shed. Start with the easy stuff.

Any storage containers or boxes you’re going to use for storing belongings in your shed are easy to label.

A simple labeling system is one of the best shed storage ideas. It will save time and effort.

Use pieces of tape and write the contents of the containers or boxes on them.

Or purchase standard tape labels, or look for a piece of chalkboard contact paper.

Which labeling option you choose will depend on how much money you want to spend, your preferences, and what’s available.

Utilize Shelves, Cabinets, and Accessories

Step 6: Utilize Shelves, Cabinets, and Accessories

Shelves, cabinets, and accessories are great shed storage ideas - the only limits will be your budget and imagination. There are many different shed storage ideas that utilize shelving, cabinets, and container storage solutions effectively.

Purchase ready-made shed shelving and container storage, or repurpose an old piece of wood, or recycle an old bucket. Let’s take a look at some of the most promising shed storage ideas, using even a single shelf.

Different Shelving Solutions - From the Simplest to More Imaganitive Options

Storage shed shelves are one of the most popular storage ideas. You’ll be surprised how much more storage capacity and workspace they give your tool shed. If you like DIY, try building your own shelves. Or shop the popular brands of shelving for storage sheds you could buy.

Different Shelving Solutions - From the Simplest to More Imaganitive Options

Floating Tool Shed Shelves

Floating shelves utilize the available wall space and are easy to install in a shed. They add more floor space and make your shed look larger. With the right shelves, everything can be in its place, without clutter.

Adjustable Shelving

An excellent shed organization idea is to put adjustable shelving in place; perfect to accommodate different-sized items in your shed. You simply move the shelves on the bar according to your needs.

Free-Standing Metal Shelving

If you’ve got tubs and storage containers you need to store, a great option is to use free-standing metal shelving. You can move the shelving around, depending on how you need to organize your items.

Metal shelves are also highly durable, with the added benefit of a grated bottom that allows any debris or dust to fall through. They are also strong, so you can place heavy items on the bottom shelf.

Repurpose Bookshelves

If you’ve got an old and unused bookshelf in your house, use it for your shed organization project by storing garden items, vases, or small toolboxes on it. If you haven’t got an old bookcase lying around, check your local thrift store or ask friends and family if they’ve got one to donate.

Opt for Wire Shelving

This is one of the most popular shed organization tips. Use wire shelving if you want to keep the shelving space in your shed clean and free from dust and debris.

Corner Shelves

If you’ve got a corner in your shed that’s not currently used, why not install a corner shelf. A quick tip is to store items or tools you rarely use on the top levels of the shelving.

A Wealth of Accessories, Shed Organization Tips, and Shed Storage Ideas

If you’re looking for a way to gain some storage space in your garden shed and be more organized, check out the following shed storage ideas. There’s bound to be one or two you find inspiring.

Utilize Drawer Organizers for Tools

Utilize Drawer Organizers for Tools

It’s all too easy to fill drawers with random items only to realize you don’t know what’s in there and you can’t find what you want.

It’s possible to organize drawers like a toolbox by using handy plastic compartments.

One way is to use drawer organizers in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Use them for bungee cord ball storage, and to keep tools such as pliers, zip ties, paint brushes, tape measures, and various smaller items from causing clutter.

Keep Tools in Plastic Tubs

Keep Tools in Plastic Tubs

The perfect storage containers for gardening tools, cables, cords, hardware, and other miscellaneous items are plastic tubs.

You can slot them into shelving, stack them on top of each other, and move them around quickly within the shed.

Choose whichever way suits your needs best.

Another great idea is to use sticky labels/tags on the tubs, and you’ll be able to locate things quickly without having to rummage around the entire shed.

Get a Tool Hanger for Long-Handled Items

Get a Tool Hanger for Long-Handled Items

If you’re an avid gardener, you’ve likely got a wide selection of long-handled tools. A much better way to store rakes, brooms, spades, shovels, forks, and even hoses and power cords, is to hang them up in the middle of the wall of your shed.

Simply drill a hole in the handles and thread some string through to make a loop. Try using hose clips too.In your local hardware store, you’ll probably find a selection of tool hangers built for the job.

Another way is to use leftover PVC pipe to help with shed organization. Cut the pieces at an angle, drill, and mount them to large pieces of plywood or directly to the wall of your shed. Buy custom hose clips or a bucket hose reel for keeping hoses tidy.

Put Screwdrivers in a Storage Rack

What do you do with your screwdrivers at the moment? Are they left in a messy heap in a drawer or box? For optimal shed organization, a much more efficient way of storing your chisels and screwdrivers is in a wall-mounted screwdriver storage rack on your storage shed wall.

Keep Paint Brushes in Mason Jars

Keep Paint Brushes in Mason Jars

Mason jars are great for shed organization. You can use them for storing a wide range of things. They also make a good storage idea for paintbrushes and other types of painting tools.

If you’re using your garden shed as a studio for crafts or painting, storing your materials in a mason jar system is a neat storage idea, this way everything is neatly organized and uncluttered.

Use Jars to Store Nails & Screws

Use Jars to Store Nails & Screws

This is a super simple shed organization hack. Store screws, nails, bolts, and other types of hardware in glass jars on shelving.

You won’t need to worry about labeling the jar system because you can easily see the screws or nails in each jar.

Creating hanging jars for nails or screws as ceiling storage is another inspiring shed organization idea, as it gives you more floor space.

Install a Power Tool Storage Rack

Any keen DIYer will have a good selection of power tools tucked away in their storage shed. Keeping them safe, properly stored, and protected can be an issue, but there is a solution.

Make yourself some power tool storage. A wood pallet is easy to convert into an effective organizer, and you’ll be able to keep your drills, planers, drivers, and saws well organized. This novel pallet board power tool holder will help improve the overall organization of your storage shed and free up more space.

Turn Wood Pallets into a Garden Tool Holder

Wood pallets are cheap to buy, and you might also get them free of charge lying around in various locations, waiting for someone to come along with a repurposing idea.

You can use wood pallets to make your shed organization project easier. It’s a quick and easy repurpose to turn wood pallets into a handy organizer for shovels, rakes, hoes, and more garden equipment. You could even make a bench!

Use a Magnetic Bar for Smaller Metal Tools

Instead of cluttering your workbench, use a magnetic strip on the shed wall above the bench for storing a range of small metal or garden tools in your garden shed. Hang pliers, trowels, screwdrivers, and more small items on the wall of your storage shed to make extra space.

Go with Utility Hooks on Walls

Get yourself some sturdy hooks, and you’ll be able to hang even more items on the wall of your garden shed, freeing up more workspace. Hang up your tents, bungee cords, sporting equipment, tailgate chairs, bicycles, and other large items. You’ll free up the floor space, corners, and workbenches in your storage shed while keeping everything within easy reach.

Hang Lawn Equipment on a Slat Wall

Keeping a lawn looking its best takes a lot of love, attention, and equipment. Use a slatted wall organizer for keeping rakes, scarifiers, garden hoses, and other gardening equipment in a convenient place. Another easy storage idea to gain extra space is to slot bucket holders and hooks into the wall so you can store items of any size. You can even use a bucket to keep your garden hose organized.

Install a Pegboard Tool Organizer

A piece of pegboard is an ideal material for shed organization, especially if you’re storing a range of different garden tools. Simply install a pegboard wall. There is an excellent selection of attachments and hooks you can purchase. Simply slot them into the holes to transform each part of your pegboard wall.

You can create more storage options above your workbench with part of your pegboard wall by adding pegboard plastic cup organizers into the holes and a few labels to enhance your shed organization. Some sheds even come with the option of pegboard walls installed.

Use Shed Doors for Hanging Storage

This is maybe one of the most overlooked shed organization tips. Don’t forget about doors on sheds when considering a shed storage idea. It’s often wasted space - but all sheds have doors and they offer lots of potential.

Hang baskets and hooks on the panels inside the storage shed door. Use these for storing items you need to be readily accessible such as your garden hose. Chicken wire also makes a good storage idea for sheds.

Wire baskets are another option, as well as narrow shelves. But be careful you don’t overload the door.

Utilize Vertical Storage Units

If you’ve chosen a storage building that’s got a lot of headroom, installing overhead utility hooks or storage shelves will help keep the floor and workbench of your shed clear.

Get or Craft a Portable Garden Tote

Is gardening one of your passions? A handy portable garden tote will help with organization and save time on trips back and forth from your garden shed. Also, if you’re looking for a quick woodworking project, a garden tote is easy to make. If you haven’t got the time, you can also repurpose a small shower tote, wicker basket, or vintage milk carrier for holding seeds, gloves, trowels, and other essential gardening items.

Add a Garden Supply Cupboard on an External Wall

If you’ve never heard of a garden supply cupboard, it’s something you mount on the outside of garden storage sheds. This type of cubby is rather cute but great for organization. You’ll often find them with a pull-down opening that offers excellent access.

Use a garden supply cupboard for storing everyday garden supplies or garden tools. Having these items stored on an external wall will free up some storage space inside and make your cleanup easier.

Get a Garden Hod

A garden hod is something you use to carry bulbs and new plants, cutting and rinsing vegetables. It’s just a work basket with a simple handle that you can use for various projects. Hang the hod up just inside the door of your shed and keep it prepped with the items and garden tools you need for your project.

Hang Up Your Wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrows can be cumbersome and take up a lot of space in garden storage sheds, but there is a simple organization solution. Why not go vertical, hang it up, and keep it off the floor? There are lots of options for hanging your wheelbarrow. For example, a storage rail and hook system, wheelbarrow hanger, or simple brackets all work very well.

Install a Track for Your Gardening Tools

Tracks are one of the best ideas; they are easy to install and very flexible and can hold a range of garden tools of different sizes. This characteristic makes them ideal for you to use in your garden shed. Install the track up reasonably high on the wall, and you’ll also free up some extra floor space.

Save Some Space for a Calendar Space

Traditional calendars are making a comeback, particularly in people’s storage sheds. Some popular tips include using a large, durable calendar with lots of space for making notes on your landscaping projects, for example. You could also use it for listing planting tips, cultivating, and harvesting times for plants. You could even clip the seed packets to the appropriate planting dates.

Craft or Buy a Chalkboard to Organize Notes and Tips

Having somewhere where you can jot down notes and tips is handy. For example, hang a chalkboard in your shed or on the door, and post dates and reminders for planting seeds.

Is There Anything You Shouldn’t Store in a Shed?

Having a shed in your garden can seem like the ultimate storage solution for tools. However, some things are better stored elsewhere.

Staff You Shouldn’t Store in a Shed

Staff You Shouldn’t Store in a Shed
  1. Paint, glue, chemicals, and other hazardous materials: Apart from being a hazard for children, your yard shed will experience some severe temperature changes. Paint, glue, chemicals, and similar materials change consistency when in areas exposed to temperature extremes, and end up unfit for purpose. Store chemicals elsewhere, out of direct sunlight, like in your garage!

  2. Paper goods, such as plates, napkins, and cups: It might seem an excellent place to store them. It’s right near to the BBQ area, after all. But, paper goods attract cockroaches and other bugs, especially if left on the floor.

  3. Canned food and food for pets: Wild animals such as raccoons and possums might be able to sniff out the food. Pests might also be attracted.

  4. Essential documents, artwork, and photos: Always keep paper documents, artwork, and photos away from humidity and heat. Moisture is bad for them.

  5. Musical instruments are delicate and shouldn’t be exposed to humidity and heat. These can affect the sound of instruments, especially when made of wood.

  6. Household appliances and electronics: These types of items can be damaged if subjected to high temperatures.

  7. Clothing, bedding, or soft toys: Insects can ruin these items as well as make them smell musty.

  8. Wooden or leather furniture: Storing wooden tables, for example, or leather furniture in a damp shed will discolor it, and it could develop mold.

  9. Wine takes on a metallic taste when you store it at inconsistent temperatures. Therefore, wine storage requires a steady temperature.

There are things you can do to improve the conditions in your shed or garage. For example, adding insulation, humidity control, and a temperature regulator will improve the internal atmosphere and allow you to store virtually anything.

Is it OK to store gas in a shed?

Gasoline is flammable and should not be stored in your shed. If it’s not afforded adequate ventilation, the gas could ignite and explode. It's better to store it in your garage.

Final Thoughts

Everyone gets tired of tripping over equipment and other items in their backyard shed, garage, or storage room. Now you’ve got some top tips for shed storage ideas for inspiration, nothing should hold you back from improving your garden tool storage.

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