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Backyard Office Shed? - 3 Steps to Your Own

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

A recent study by Bank of America shows that more and more millennials are moving into the suburbs. The study found that they “are almost three times more likely to move into a house than an apartment”.

What does this mean for the cities? How will people commute to and from their workplace? Does this mean more people will work from home?

10x16 Modern Office

Why you need a backyard office shed

At Urban Sheds, we’ve found that people idealize the “work from home” mentality but don’t always have the space to actually do it. Some work from their kitchen tables. Others use a small room that is soon to be a baby room. Sometimes they find themselves in a corner of their basement where they get no sunlight.

Most of these scenarios are frustrating and involve significant challenges in focus and efficiency. Throughout covid, we saw the trend of working from home skyrocket. Some people were forced to work from home even if they didn’t have a reasonable space to do so. In response, we’ve pivoted to serving these people by offering an affordable backyard office shed.

Consider a backyard office a long-term investment in your property. With the trend of people working more from home, when you sell, it will bring added value to your property. And until you sell, you now have that much-needed space to focus on your work during the day. Also, you will benefit from the division of work and home life while still working from your own property.

Backyard office shed
Modern Office Shed

How can you work with Urban Sheds to get your own backyard office?

We have a simple 3 step process that we will break out in a bit more detail here.

Urban Sheds Process

1. Design and save your initial 3d rendering

  1. After you have an idea of the structure you want, or you want to get a few ideas go visit our 3d Shed Configurator to design your own structure

  2. Once you have designed an initial structure make sure you save your design. If you want to add any special notes or comments about your project do so in the “Additional information” section on the page where you enter your information

  3. When you save your design you will get an email with your local craftsman’s phone number and your shed design details

2. Plan with your Urban Sheds craftsman

  1. With your design saved and your design email in your inbox, your local Urban Sheds craftsman will be in touch with you shortly. Always feel free to reach out to your Urban Sheds craftsman if you have questions.

  2. If your shed site is complicated, our builder will be happy to stop by your property and discuss what will be needed for a shed base.

  3. Want something customized that is not available online? Simply work with your local Urban Sheds builder to see what is possible.

  4. Finalize your design and site preparation with your builder. Then place your deposit directly with them and…

3. Watch your structure come to life!

  1. Your Urban Sheds craftsman will come on the agreed date and begin construction

  2. Enjoy the construction process with access to your local builder every day. No need to phone the office if you want to upgrade something on the order. Simply work with your builder and get it figured out mid-process

At Urban Sheds we believe you can enjoy a creatively designed backyard structure that is built on-site by a trustworthy builder. We understand that big life decisions can be daunting without clarity and support. That's why we've created an easy 3 steps to get your structure.

Start today with our 3D Shed Configurator and save your initial 3d rendering to automatically get connected with our local craftsman in your area.

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