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All the space you need for a more organized, enjoyable, and productive life.


Over the years, sheds have become so much more than somewhere to store your garden tools and garden furniture during the winter.

Here at Urban Sheds, our mission is to help you build your dream shed!

When you're awake at night wishing you had a better space to secure your valuables or a quiet place to work, start the process by designing a custom shed on our 3D Shed Configurator.

Our sheds are built with a 30-year structural warranty as well as our 3-year workmanship warranty.

​Schedule a free consultation and get the space you need.

We believe everyone should have the space they need for an organized, enjoyable, and productive life.

My Home Office
My home office



  • you want to park your car in the garage but it is full of other things
  • you want to keep your mower in good shape but it is sitting outside in the rain
  • you want to do more bike riding but you need to haul your bike out of the basement each time


  • you want to set up and paint but the kids keep getting into all your stuff
  • you want to relax and read a book but the house is full of commotion
  • you want to create some music but don't have a spot to set up your studio


  • you want to make a sales call but your kids want to make noise and play
  • you want to be productive but don't have a quiet spot to get things done
  • you want to maintain a good work/life balance but your office is in the house


We understand how difficult it can be to communicate your shed design to a builder so we invested in an easy-to-use 3D Shed Configurator putting you in control of the design.

It isn't always easy to find quality builders, so we've built a community of experienced, freelance, craftsmen who can build your Urban Shed according to the specifications.

You can easily book a consultation online with one of our design consultants to review your shed order and get you connected to one of our certified builders. 

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Painted Shed

Easily Design A Shed and Hire an Expert Builder

Purchasing a great shed doesn't have to be complicated.

You no longer need to spend multiple days traveling to dusty shed sales lots and choosing from sheds that have been shipped from large manufacturing plants. 

With our online 3D Shed Configurator you can shop anytime / anywhere. You can easily explore the many shed designs and options with accurate pricing updates as you design.

Easily schedule a virtual call with one of our design consultants to get your questions answered and order a quality shed with confidence.

More and more people are choosing to be freelancers vs. employees. We embrace this trend by working with experienced builders in your area.

An Urban Shed comes with a 30 year structural quarantee and a 3 year craftsmanship warranty so you don't need to worry about potential after-purchase expenses.


We'd love to work with you



Easily find your perfect shed design with our online shed configurator.



Simply book a virtual consultation to review and place your order online with a building expert.



Get into the schedule for construction and enjoy a more organized and productive life.







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Construction Specs

Structural Elements (30 Yr. Structural Warranty see here)

   - Wall framing (16" O.C.)
   - Roof framing (16" O.C.)
   - Headers Above Doors
   - Double top plate on walls
   - Water resistant floor system

   - 1/2" roof sheeting
   - Asphalt shingles (25yr- 3 Tab or 30yr - Architectural)
   - Drip edge around full roof perimeter

   - Vinyl or Aluminum

Siding Options:
   - T1-11 LP Smartside (50yr warranty)
   - Lap Siding LP Smartside (50yr warranty)
   - Western Red Cedar - Tongue and Groove

   - Galvanized, Powder coated or Stainless Steel
My Urban Shed
My Urban Shed


Wooden Shed
Wooden Shed
Wooden Shed

Constructed from the highest quality timber and designed to stand the test of time. The timber is treated to prevent rot and insect damage and will look great in any size backyard. Available in a variety of styles to suit your taste and requirements.

Cedar - western red cedar shed
Cedar - Western Red Cedar Shed

Western Red Cedar is both beautiful and durable. It also has a natural fragrance that creates a particular atmosphere in your Urban Shed. Western Red Cedar also happens to be hygroscopic, which means it absorbs or discharges moisture to maintain the perfect balance.

LP Smartside - Smart Shed
LP Smartside - Smart Shed

With LP Smartside siding, your shed will be able to withstand the elements. The technology used in the construction provides exceptional strength and, at the same time, resists fungal decay and termites. Your Urban Shed will have the protection it needs while looking good.

Board and Batten Shed.jpg
Board and Batten Shed
Board and Batten Shed

Board and batten sheds have a rustic look you need if you want your Urban Shed to blend nicely with the natural environment. It’s a popular choice for homeowners looking for a safe and secure outdoor space but have to work with a limited budget.

modern/contemporary Shed

With this style shed, you can make a statement. Create a masterpiece in your backyard, and your neighbors will be in awe of your creation. The only limitation is your imagination.

mid century Shed
Mid Century

A Mid Century style shed is perfect for a home office but works just as well if you need more space to store your lawnmower. Pick the features that suit the purpose of your shed, whether you need it to be functional or flamboyant.

traditional gable Shed
Traditional Gable

Gable sheds are the most common sheds you can buy. The gently sloping roof peaks in the middle, and it has an attractive ridge on the top. It looks great alongside any property, and it may be possible to create some attic space.

lean-to Shed

A lean-to-shed is one of the most straightforward styles to build. It is constructed against an already-existing wall, so full construction is not required. They can be made as a freestanding structure but are much more popular attached to your garage, home, or other building.

side porch Shed
Side Porch

A shed with a side porch is an excellent style if you want to spend your evenings outdoors and don’t want to stress about the weather. It can be used as a backyard rec or game room, or just a chilled place to hang out.

lofted Shed

A lofted shed has that little bit of extra headroom. Not only that, but it also provides you with the perfect place to store your holiday decorations, canoes, and other bulky items you’d rather keep off the floor.

insulated Shed

If you plan to use your shed as an extension to your home, it will be a good idea if it’s insulated. It’s quickly done because insulation can be installed between floor and wall joists as the shed is built.

cottage Shed

With a cottage-style shed, you have windows and doors positioned on the eave side instead of the gable end. You can use it as a man cave, pool houser, office, studio, or you can turn your backyard into a getaway.

portable Shed

You can use a portable shed to meet various needs, including storage, living space, workspace, vehicle parking, and much more. When you’re designing it, think about how you’ll be using your outdoor storage shed and plan accordingly.

luxury Shed

A shed can be so much more than somewhere to store your lawnmower. If you want a luxury shed, all you have to do is choose the right features, and you can easily create a plush work, play, and relaxation space.

painted Shed

A vital element of a painted shed is the paint job. Sheds always look good when they’re new, but a few months in the sunshine can change that. Painted sheds add color to your backyard, but the paint is also a protective layer.

custom Shed

A custom shed is built to your specifications. With the help of our 3D shed configurator and the 1,000’s of possible configurations, you can have to shed of your dreams built in your backyard.


storage & utility Shed
Storage & Utility Shed

This is one of the more traditional uses for a shed. Use it to store your garden furniture in the winter or just somewhere to keep the junk items you can’t bear to throw in the trash.

firewood storage Shed
Firewood Storage

There’s nothing worse than a pile of wet wood if you need to light a fire. Keep your firewood dry in a storage shed. It should have footings to keep your wood off the ground and be open on one side for air circulation.

tool Shed
Tool Shed

You can fit a truckload of tools in a shed. Whether you’re a part-time hobbyist, keen DIYer, or avid gardener, set up racks for your tools, and you won’t be cluttering your home with your tools.

studio Shed
Studio Shed

Having a separate studio will help you keep the mess out of your home. You’ll also be able to create the perfect atmosphere you need to get your creative juices flowing. Build it with large windows to let in lots of natural light.

hpme office
Home Office (a.k.a Business Shed)

Make business and working at home a pleasure with a unique home office that is certain to inspire your creativity and confidence. It’ll also be the perfect shield from distractions such as piles of dirty dishes and laundry.

workshop shed
Workshop Shed

If you want a space for your DIY projects, a shed might be what you’re looking for. You’ll be able to incorporate a workbench, build seating and create a clever storage area for your tools and maximize the space.

House Shed.jpg
house shed
House Shed

Sheds come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and there’s no reason why you can’t design one that’s big enough to live in. An increasing number of people are embracing tiny house living, and a shed is perfect.

garage shed
Garage Shed

Sheds make the perfect space for storing a vehicle, whether it’s your car, a golf cart, tractor, or your prize custom motorcycle. It’ll protect from the elements and be secure.

cabin shed
Cabin Shed

You can use a cabin shed for a wide range of things, such as storing camping gear. But the best way to use it is to escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Add some comfy furniture, peaceful music, and relaxing decor.

man cave shed
Man Cave Sheds

Add some optics, mood lighting, a pool table, darts board, high stools, comfy sofas, and you’ve got the perfect man cave. It’ll be a place where you can relax and escape the world. You’ll even be able to invite your mates around.

she shed
She Sheds

A she shed can be the perfect oasis of calm for every lady. There are always days when you just need to get away from it all, and a she shed ticks the right boxes. Use it as a place to meditate, think, read, or simply relax.

greemhouse shed
Greenhouse Shed

Turn your shed into a greenhouse, and it’ll be the perfect place to sustain your plants in cold weather. You’ll also get a jump-start on the spring growing season. If you’ve only got a small garden, just convert a portion of the shed.

kids shed
Kids Shed

Why not turn your shed into a playhouse for the kids? Before you know it, you’ll be wondering where they’ve been all day. All you need to worry about is getting the right style and size and setting it up for your kids.

corner shed
Corner Shed

With a corner shed, you can make use of any forgotten corner in your garden. With its right-angled design, it’ll fit snugly into the tightest of spaces. This space-saving option is ideal if you want to organize your garden.

pet shelter & dog kennels
Pet Shelters & Dog Kennels

A good quality shed can be the perfect sanctuary for your pet. They can be a safe and secure place for your dog when you’re out at work. A pet shed is also the ideal solution for more long-term pet accommodation for other pets.

custom shed

There’s no limit to the shed you can create if you want a custom-built one. Decide what you want to use the shed for, and then let your imagination run away with itself. Make it a functional space or somewhere that’s over-the-top luxurious.


Small Shed

If you only have a small garden or patio area, a small shed will provide valuable storage space. Small sheds tend to be anything under 80 square feet. It is a good space for hanging tools, storing lawn and supplies.

Low Shed

Low sheds are perfect for kids to play in and for storing smaller items and equipment. Your dog would make a low shed their home, or why not use it to keep your firewood dry?

Large Shed

A large shed typically ranges from 144 to 288 square feet. You can use it to store large pieces of equipment, but you can also be more imaginative with this size shed. Turn it into a play area, your home office or studio, a workshop, man cave, or she shed.

High Shed

A high shed is one you can comfortably stand up in, but you can also build a shed high enough to include some loft space. Use this additional space for storing things off the floor and leaving more room for you to enjoy.


With the 3D Shed Configurator you can:
  • Explore different designs.
  • Change door and window layout.
  • Choose your colors.
  • Visualize your shed with AR.
  • Save your design for later.
  • Easily order online.
Untitled design_edited.jpg
Untitled design.jpg