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...where designing a unique shed online is easy and a craftsman is right next door ready to bring your design to life.
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1. Design your shed online with the 3D Shed Configurator

Design a shed anytime, anywhere on the 3D Shed Configurator. Save your shed design by filling in your information and emailing yourself the link. Once you have your shed design, you can move on to step two.

2. Get your shed design approved by local authorities

Some sheds may need a building permit from your town or HOA. To determine your local regulations, simply give your local building department or HOA a call or print out your shed design and make a visit to your local building department office. If you need a building permit, you will need to fill out a permit application. If you have questions about the process simply connect with us and we are glad to help.

3. Plan for site preparation

For a shed to remain structurally sound over a long period of time, it needs to have a solid, level foundation. For sheds up to 80 sq ft we recommend the blocking option found on the 3D Shed Configurator. For larger sheds you may need a stone pad or concrete slab installed, and for sites on a hill you may need a retaining wall. If you want a custom quote or site prep recommendations just connect with us or request a site visit with the builder.

4. Arrange financing

When ordering your shed, you can make your initial deposit online through the "checkout" button on the 3D Shed Configurator. There are options to place your deposit with Debit or Credit card. For other payment options or for special financing connect with us for details.

5. Place your shed order

Once you have designed your shed and have worked out the details of site preparation, town regulations can easily place your deposit online through the link to your design on the 3D Shed Configurator. Feel free to request a site visit to place your order in-person with the builder.



Judith Fortin

Urban Sheds customized and built our bike-shed in Cambridge over the summer, which had to follow very strict dimension requirements. The designer understood the limitations we had to follow and provided guidance to help us maximize the space. Their level of expertise, professionalism, and the quality of the work was outstanding. We highly recommend Urban Sheds.


Taylor Raybourne

We had a shed put in at our home in Atlanta. It turned out amazing looked super cute and tied in well with our home and our yard. Its as a great and needed addition. The team at urban shed's had a great online software to use and their in person execution of the build equaled. They were on time, quick, efficient and did great work. They cleaned up every day and really did an amazing job. Could not recommend more!


Brian Duplisea

Nate was our builder. He was professional, skilled and responsive. If we raised an issue with him, he listened, heard us and did everything within his powers to meet our needs. It was important to him that we were happy. We are very happy with our Urban Shed. And Nate’s work was top notch. He build our shed as if it was going into his own yard. Thanks Nate for your work.

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