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​We've been through this process many times and are here to make things easy.

1. Design your shed online with the 3D Shed Configurator

Design & Save your shed anytime, anywhere on the 3D Shed Configurator. Get more ideas and make the design process easier by booking a video conference call and we can work at it together using screen share.

2. Get your shed design approved by local authorities

Some sheds may need a building permit from your town or HOA. To determine your local regulations, simply give your local building department or HOA a call or print out your shed design and make a visit to your local building department office. If you need a building permit, you will need to fill out a permit application. Simply contact us and we can supply you with any documents you will need from us.

3. Plan for site preparation

For a shed to remain structurally sound over a long period of time, it needs to have a solid, level foundation. For sheds up to 80 sq ft we recommend the blocking option found on the 3D Shed Configurator. For larger sheds you may need a stone pad or concrete slab installed, and for sites on a hill you may need a retaining wall. Get this part figured out by contacting us for recommendations or a custom quote.

4. Arrange financing

When ordering your shed, you can make your initial deposit online through the "checkout" button on the 3D Shed Configurator. There are options to pay with Debit or Credit card. For other payment options or for special financing simply contact us for details.

5. Get assigned to a builder

After placing your order through the 3D Shed Configurator, you will be connected with your builder who will contact you to schedule a specific construction date. Lead times vary on season but are generally around 6 weeks. Simply get in contact with us before placing your order to get an up-to-date time frame.