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Shed Permit: What It Is And Do I Need One

Let's talk about shed permits, which might seem a bit daunting but are quite important to understand if you're getting a shed.

Filling out a shed permit

What's a Permit?

A permit is like a permission slip from your town, city, or Homeowners Association (HOA). It's their way of keeping an eye on changes to your property and making sure they follow the rules, like where your shed can go and how it's built.

Do You Need One?

To figure out if you need a permit, just call your local building department. They can tell you if you need one for the size of your shed. You may also find this answer on your city's building department or FAQs page. Some places don't require a permit for smaller sheds.

Also, ask them about the "setback" rules, which means how far your shed needs to be from your property line. Even if you don't need a permit, you should still follow these rules. It's a way to be a good neighbor and avoid problems with the building officials later on.

Permit Application

How to Get a Permit?

Getting a shed permit is usually pretty simple. You can visit the building department or do it online. They'll ask for a plan of your shed. You can use our 3D Configurator to generate this for you. Other documents generally needed will be from your builder, things like his insurance and other documents signed by him. For some places, you might also need a property survey showing where you'll put the shed on your property.

Once you've submitted all the required documents, your part is done. Then you wait for the building department to let you know if they need more info. If they don't, they'll issue you a permit. You can always ask how long this process might take.


This process is usually easy for most storage sheds. But if you're building a structure with electricity, insulation, and interior finish, make sure you know when inspections are needed and whether there are any other permit requirements. Most building departments are happy to answer your questions.

Good luck with your shed project! If you need help, our local builders are there for you. If you've designed your shed using our 3D tool, you'll be connected with your local builder automatically. In addition you can use these links to learn more about site preparation or choosing the perfect spot for your shed on your property.

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