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Studio Shed Atlanta GA

Expert Studio Shed Builders Atlanta GA

Would you like a comfortable, quiet, and spacious studio right in your own backyard?  Take the opportunity to create your very own customized studio with a wealth of unique and individual features. Choose the number of windows, where you want to place the door and window, how many square feet for the roof space, the number of electrical connections, and many other things. Decide whether you'd prefer to choose from our modular kits or our selection of custom designs. Use our 3D Configurator software, and it's more straightforward than you think.


Whatever it is you want from your studio shed, you can start by getting in touch to request your quote. But, before you give us a call, spend some time using our 3D Configurator software and create the studio shed of your dreams. Pick the right characteristics for your backyard studio, and you could be adding value to your home.

A studio shed is a perfect choice if you want:

  • Music studio

  • Art room

  • Hobby room

  • A home office

  • Exercise room

  • Photo studio

  • Guest room

  • Playhouse

  • Game room


A studio shed or accessory dwelling unit, as they are sometimes called, is increasingly in demand. More and more people are working from home, but not everyone has space in their house for the right kind of creative space. Home studio sheds are popularly used as backyard spaces because it means your studio doesn't have to impact your interior living area, and there are no distractions.

Investing in a shed for your home can be a daunting prospect, but you can design your studio according to your needs. It doesn't get much simpler and more flexible than that.

Choose from a range of models, have your perfect home studio delivered to your door, and enjoy the following benefits:

1. Cost-effective home design center: Keep costs to a minimum by choosing the characteristics you need for maximum functionality.
2. Fully customizable studios: Use our 3D Configuration tool to design an affordable backyard studio space for your needs.
3. Comprehensive installation service: When we install our home sheds, everything is included.
4. All-inclusive price: The quoted price is what you pay, and there are no hidden fees or charges.
5. Efficient installation process: Whatever style you choose, your home studio will be delivered to your door and be ready to use in just a few days rather than several weeks, which is much quicker than any DIY option.
6. Quality materials and durable construction: Only the finest resources and building processes are used to ensure our home studio kits withstand the test of time.
7. Long warranty: We offer a 30-day structural warranty with all our home studios and models.
8. Straightforward and quick design process: Craft a digital rendering of your dream studio shed using our 3D Configuration tool.
9. Investment in your local community: Investing in the local community is at the core of our enterprise.

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Structural Elements (30 Yr. Structural Warranty see here)

   - Wall framing (16" O.C.)
   - Roof framing (16" O.C.)
   - Headers Above Doors
   - Double top plate on walls
   - Water resistant floor system

   - 1/2" roof sheeting
   - Asphalt shingles (25yr- 3 Tab or 30yr - Architectural)
   - Drip edge around full roof perimeter

   - Vinyl or Aluminum

Siding Options:
   - T1-11 LP Smartside (50yr warranty)
   - Lap Siding LP Smartside (50yr warranty)
   - Western Red Cedar - Tongue and Groove

   - Galvanized, Powder coated or Stainless Steel


  • Transom Window Package

  • Foundation Blocking and Leveling (for sites 2" to 8" out of level)

  • Installation of Workbenches & Shelves

  • Painted Interior

  • Interior Package  (Laminate Floor, insulated walls, floor, ceiling, insulated windows, wall covering and trim, interior paint)

  • Engineer-Stamped Architectural Drawings

  • Assistance with Permit Application

  • Use our 3D Configurator to get price estimates based on your storage shed's size, material and style.

For more customization options feel free to contact us.