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Updated: Jun 29, 2022


At Urban Sheds, we’re proud to connect our customers directly with local craftsmen and builders to create the custom shed of your dreams. And for many of our clients, the first step in building a new shed is to get rid of an old one that’s well past its prime! That was the case for Don Coughlin, a Massachusetts-based attorney and realtor who knew he needed an improvement to the aging outdoor structure on his property.

“I had a dilapidated old shed that was falling apart in the backyard,” Don said. “I was in the market for a new high-quality structure that could provide proper storage for the items that wouldn’t fit in our garage including garden tools, a lawnmower, snowblower and some outdoor furniture.”

After doing a bit of research online, Don found Urban Sheds’ website—and after reviewing several completed works in our online gallery, he really started to develop a vision for this next project. It didn’t take long for us to help turn that vision into reality.

“My experience with Jeremy and the Urban Sheds team could not have been better,” Don explained. “They began by getting rid of the old beat up shed in the backyard and were even able to preserve (and build on top of) the existing foundation which saved me quite a bit of time and money.”

“I’m a detail-oriented person and had requested quite a few alterations and modifications,” he added, “and I was concerned about asking for something that was ‘too custom’. Jeremy’s team was so accommodating and worked with me every step of the way to ensure I was getting exactly what I wanted—right down to my requests for things like stainless hardware, special primer paint and custom double-door.” Don also commended the Urban Sheds team for our ability to create a premium-quality product onsite without sacrificing or damaging any of the surrounding area—a challenge sometimes easier said than done. “I’m a very neat and detail-oriented person, and my shed is in a rather tight spot near my deck and house,” explains Don. “Jeremy was very careful not to overspray any paint or disturb any of the nearby gardening and planting throughout the entire building process, whether he was bringing in materials or working on the actual build. His cleanup was immaculate as well.” “I would absolutely recommend Urban Sheds to anyone looking for a new shed or outdoor structure,” Don adds. “In fact I’m so pleased with their work I’ve actually been recommending Urban Sheds to all of my real estate clients who are buying houses that needs sheds. I’ve done the research and assure them that Jeremy and the team at Urban Sheds are second to none!” We’re thrilled to get to work with terrific clients like Don to create premium-quality and highly functional sheds and outdoor structures. Check out the pictures below to see Don’s new shed and get in touch with us today if you’re ready to kick off your own project!

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