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A successful construction business requires much more than just building awesome buildings. There is all the marketing, design, sales, and customer follow-up that can take up a very large portion of your time. 

We take care of the details so you can become known as the master craftsman you really are.

  1. URBAN SHEDS maintains diverse digital marketing channels to get our products in front of potential customers.

  2. URBAN SHEDS maintains the 3D Shed Design Software on the website, keeping shed pricing up to date with current material pricing.

  3. URBAN SHEDS generates leads via social media, the website, and 3D Design Software.

  4. URBAN SHEDS sales guide engages potential customers to assess time frame and budget, and to answer preliminary questions about shed designs/options, site prep, town regs, and financing.

  5. URBAN SHEDS notifies the builder of a new potential customer by uploading these pre-qualified leads to the online portal for the builder to access

  6. BUILDERS take ownership of the new lead and contact them by email, call, or text to schedule a site visit. (by accepting any leads through Urban Sheds the builder is committing to conducting themselves according to the Urban Shed's terms and conditions)

  7. BUILDERS meet with the customer with the goal of finalizing the shed design and placing orders through the online 3D Shed Configurator.

  8. BUILDERS follow up with any customers that aren’t ready to immediately place their order.

  9. BUILDERS schedule a construction date with new customers and add the date to the online portal.

  10. BUILDERS invoice Urban Shed for the initial deposit after the construction date is set in the online portal.

  11. URBAN SHEDS sends the initial deposit (50%) to the builder.

  12. BUILDERS make their own material list and order materials based on the building specs in the work order. (There are general material lists available for common shed types and sizes that are shared among the builders...just ask on the WhatsApp chat group. Most of the materials can be found at Home Depot or your local lumber yard. For custom products, we can help source materials)

  13. BUILDERS communicate with the customer and build the shed on the scheduled date.

  14. BUILDERS work directly with the customer to negotiate any requested change orders. (When discussing change orders with the customer, the builder should keep in mind the 30% Urban Sheds percentage and charge customers for upgrades accordingly. Feel free to reach out to Urban Sheds directly if you want help with pricing for change orders. Builders must add any change orders into the online portal so Urban Sheds can update the invoice for accurate final customer billing and accurate builder compensation.)

  15. BUILDERS take a picture of the completed shed and notify Urban shed of completion through the online portal.

  16. BUILDERS invoice Urban Sheds for the final payment using the price structure in the current builder agreement. (Our goal is to maintain a builder price point of around 50% material cost and 50% labor and overhead cost) (We track lumber pricing on a regular basis and raise/lower prices accordingly.)    

  17. URBAN SHEDS sends the final payment to the builder after the customer has approved the project and made the final payment.​

  18. URBAN SHEDS Follows up with customers with a feedback survey and requests for online reviews.

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