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Terms and Conditions

Builders are the face of Urban Sheds to our customers.

We value trust-filled relationships.

By accepting any work orders, you agree to the following...

  1. You agree to be professional in appearance. Organized tools and equipment, clean clothes, and clean language. No smoking on the job.

  2. You agree to be responsive in any communication with the customer and/or Urban Sheds.

  3. All vehicles used in the building process must be clean and professional. No major dents, rust, etc...

  4. You agree that you are solely responsible for all damages, unintentional or otherwise to any property where this job is located, caused by you or one of your employees. You further agree that you are responsible for any proven claims of unprofessional workmanship. If an above-stated scenario happens in which the customer refuses to pay, the builder shall not invoice Urban Sheds or expect payment till the problem is resolved.

  5. You agree to provide Urban Sheds a W9 and an up-to-date Certificate of Insurance for a minimum of $1,000,000 Liability insurance. You agree as well to provide proof of workers comp. insurance in states where required.

  6. You agree to provide a minimum 1-year warranty on the workmanship provided by you under this work order. (Urban Sheds holds the 30yr structural warranty if the shed is built according to the specs on the work order)

  7. You understand that Urban Sheds will follow up with a customer survey to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. 

  8. You agree to forward quality photos of the completed shed to Urban Sheds for proof of work and to be used in advertising etc.

  9. You agree that no materials are to be used other than those approved by Urban Sheds. (We try as much as possible to sell projects with materials that are readily available at your local Lowes or Home Depot...we will work with you to source and acquire any custom materials)

  10. You understand that the shed must be constructed to meet or exceed the Urban Shed's basic specs. Understanding and following local building regulations is the responsibility of the builder.

  11. You understand that making any changes to the work orders is the responsibility of the builder and can work directly with the customer (quote your price plus the 30% Urban Shed percentage)

  12. You will add any change orders to the shed project through the builder’s online portal before marking it complete. This way we can have accurate final customer billing.

  13. All invoices to Urban Sheds must include the Customer Name, as well as the agreed-upon price. (see current builder price agreement)(online invoicing such as Quickbook is preferred)

  14. You agree that as long as you are a partner with Urban Sheds you will not compete in the shed market. All shed referrals and requests will be run through the Urban Sheds platform. With this agreement, we can provide a backlink from our website to your website so customers can explore your business and reach out to you directly once the project is in progress.

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