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Does a Shed Add Value To A Home

10x12 Sheds for Sale by Local Builders Near You

At Urban Sheds, we offer 10x12 sheds for sale that are custom designed and constructed with the highest quality materials.

Working with local builders, we can create a 10 x 12 shed (120 square feet) that fits your needs and blends seamlessly with your existing property. All at a great price!

Our 10x12 sheds are the most popular model and come with a warranty for complete peace of mind.

Whether you need simple storage for boxes and other belongings or a bit more space for work or hobbies, the team at Urban Sheds is ready to work with you to design your perfect 10x12 shed.

Browse our website or call us to learn more about our 10x12 sheds for sale.

How does our service work?

You can look at our gallery of 10x12 sheds we have built for previous clients to get inspired.

  1. Use our online configurator tool to start designing your shed plans.

  2. Finalize your design, and check out our Shed Buyer's Guide for more information on the purchasing process.

  3. We connect you directly with the Urban Sheds builder in your area to make your dream shed a reality.


Our experts can also help clarify any zoning or building permit questions before placing your order. Then, you can enjoy your custom 10x12 shed, built with quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

Available 10x12 Shed Siding Materials

When building a shed, you can choose from several siding materials:

Wooden siding: Offers a classic look and can easily be painted or stained to match your backyard aesthetic.

Cedar siding: Provides a timeless aesthetic, with the added benefit of natural resistance to rot and decay.

Western Red Cedar: Particularly durable and offers a beautiful grain pattern.

LP Smartside siding: A manufactured wood alternative offering enhanced strength and resistance to pests and mold growth.

Board and batten: This siding option features vertical panels for a unique visual look.

Apart from the siding material you choose, you can also select the type of roof materials, shingles, tiles, roof edge material, and style (sloped, flat, gambrel roof, and more).

Available 10 x 12 Shed Styles

Choose from a range of shed styles or models:

Modern/contemporary: 10x12 sheds featuring clean lines and a minimalist design.

Mid-century: Incorporating elements from mid-century architecture, like asymmetrical shapes and flat roofs.

Traditional gable: Featuring the classic triangular roof and symmetrical shape.

Lean-to: A simple 10 x 12 storage shed attached to an existing structure such as a garage or house.

Side porch: A shed with an attached covered porch area for added outdoor living space.

Lofted: A lofted 10 x 12 storage shed offers extra storage space with high walls and a raised loft area.

Insulated: Designed with insulation materials to regulate the temperature inside the shed.

Cottage: 10x12 cottage sheds have charming coastal or country-style design features.

Portable: Optimal flexibility; can be moved to different locations.

Luxury: Luxurious sheds with premium materials and high-end finishes.

Custom: Can be designed according to the homeowner's specific needs and preferences.

With so many options available, there's sure to be the perfect style for everyone's outdoor storage needs or other uses.

Most Popular Uses

The 10 x 12 is possibly the most popular model of all the shed size options available. A 10x12 shed has sufficient square footage to be ideal for many uses other than simply as a storage shed:

Utility & Storage Shed: Perfect as a tool shed, it provides a convenient and secure place to store equipment.

Firewood Storage: Practical storage for firewood, keeping stacks dry and organized.

Garden Tool Shed: This is a popular use for 10x12 sheds. A place to keep your garden tools and riding mower secure and safe from the elements.

Studio Shed: Many people have converted sheds into studios or home offices. It's a great idea for creating a personal workspace outside the house if you enjoy creative hobbies such as painting and sculpting.

Home Office: Sheds can make practical home offices and provide the perfect space to get away from distractions and focus on your work.

Workshop Shed: A secure and practical space to use as a workshop for hobby or DIY projects.

House Shed: Many people transform sheds into guesthouses or cabins for additional living space.

Garage Shed: A garage shed with double doors is a great way to secure your car. Or just to add extra storage space to your home if you have lots of stuff that you need to store but don't have room in your house.

Cabin Shed: If you're looking for a shed that will serve as a guesthouse, cabin, or small home, a cabin shed is a great option. A cabin shed typically includes features such as electricity, plumbing, and windows.

Man Cave: A man cave shed is a perfect place for a guy to get away from it all, hang out with buddies, watch sports, and just relax.

She-Shed: The she-shed is the female equivalent of the man cave, a place to escape. She-sheds have become popular retreats for relaxation and entertainment.

Greenhouse: Greenhouse sheds provide an ideal environment for growing plants.

Kids Shed: A kids shed can be a fantastic place for them to play and have fun. It can also be a safe place for them to store their toys and other belongings.

Corner Shed: A great way to utilize unused space in your yard, and ideal for storage, as a workshop, or even as a home office.

Pet Shelter/Dog Kennel: A pet shelter or dog kennel is an excellent way to provide a safe and comfortable space for your pet. It can also help keep them warm in the winter months.

Custom Shed: Endless possibilities, allowing personalized designs and features to suit your exact needs.

Whatever the usage, a custom shed can enhance the functionality and beauty of any yard.

Features and options that can be included

Here are some popular add-ons to consider when customizing your shed.

Painted Interior: Choose your color to provide a clean, bright, welcoming shed interior.

Workbench: Do you plan to use your shed as a workspace? Then a workbench is a must-have.

Shelves: Shelving provides much-needed storage options to organize things perfectly.

Extra Windows: Optimize natural light and maximize views. Also, consider shutters for extra security if necessary.

Transom Window Package: The pre-cut transom window package adds a touch of elegance with its arched window design.

Air Vents: Well-placed vents ensure that your shed has proper airflow. Essential for hobbyists or home-office workers.

Custom Color: Personalize your shed to match your home or landscaping.

Interior Package: Laminate flooring provides a durable and easy-to-maintain surface. Insulated walls help to keep your shed warm in winter and cool in summer. Floors and ceilings can also be insulated to help reduce noise from outside. Wall coverings can provide an extra layer of protection from the elements. Finally, a painted interior finish is a fantastic way to add a touch of luxury to your shed.

4ft Loft: A 4ft loft is a practical way to add additional storage space to your shed.

Framed Shed Floor: Our pressure-treated lumber floors are designed to last and withstand environmental conditions.

Foundation Blocking and Leveling: A solid and level foundation ensures your shed will be stable and level.

With these options and more available, there are numerous ways to customize your shed.

10x12 Shed Design Tool

Are you in the market for a new shed? Our 3D Shed Configurator can help you design the perfect shed for your requirements.

With just a few clicks, you can explore various shed styles and customize door and window layouts. 

Change the colors to match your home, and even use augmented reality (AR) to visualize how it will look in your backyard.

Plus, you can save your design and easily order online - all from the comfort of your own home.

Start designing today with our 3D Shed Configurator.

Why Choose Urban Sheds?

When buying a shed, you want the best value for money - and a shed built by experts!

What do Urban Sheds offer customers?

  • A 30-year structural guarantee for complete peace of mind.

  • A 3-year craftsmanship warranty on every shed purchased.

  • Easy purchasing options through our partner Greensky Financing.

  • Customizable designs to personalize your shed plans online before buying.

  • The best value-for-money sheds on the market.

  • Easy online ordering and helpful local builders - the entire process is stress-free and convenient.


Choose Urban Sheds for all your shed needs - we make a difference!

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