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What type of siding should I choose for my shed?

When it comes to siding for sheds, people typically think of T1-11, which is a commonly used because it is one of the most economical sidings readily available. However the option are a lot broader than T1-11. In this article i want to discuss four siding options that are an upgrade from T1-11.  –  Western Red Cedar, Pine, Fiber Cement,Vinyl

Western Red Cedar
 is a siding that is visually striking. Cedar can be painted but most often people prefer a clear water sealer on it to accent the beauty of the wood. Cedar is known for it’s rot and insect resistance. The price of Western Red Cedar is high but you receive a high quality and aesthetically pleasing choice of siding for your shed.  
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Pine  siding is an economical siding choice. The horizontal lines give it an attractive appearance and it can be painted the color of your choice, matching your house or backyard as you wish. Pine will need to be painted every few year to keep it looking fresh and protected from the weather. If you are looking for a siding that has an attractive appearance and you can choose any color, this siding is for you.
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Fiber Cement (Hardi Board) siding is a great durable siding. If you choose a factory color it comes with a 15 yr warranty on the paint. If you are interested in low maintenance and durability this is the siding for you.


Vinyl siding is considered to be maintenance free, but with all siding types it needs some care. Periodical powerwashing will keep it looking clean and maintained. There are many different brands of vinyl siding. The cheaper brands tend to crack quickly and fade in a short time. If you choose to go with vinyl consider upgrading to a higher quality brand.